10 Crazy Great Things to Do in Kenya

April 2nd 2015  |   Kenya, Travel, Countries  |  by   Richard Smith
Boy being licked by a giraffe at Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya
Giraffe manor with giraffes outside

Kenya safari activities – 10 crazy and amazing things to try on a Kenya holiday!

  1. Gallop Alongside Migrating Zebra and Wildebeest

    Riding horses with zebras

    Riding with Zebra with Offbeat Safaris, Kenya

    You don’t get a better front row seat to one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles than this. From your saddle you’re cheek by jowl with wildebeest and zebra in Kenya’s famous Masai Mara with OffBeat Safaris adventure mobile riding safari. The pace is fast and exhilarating, alive with the sound of thousands of thundering hooves kicking up clouds of dust—an experience you simply couldn’t recreate from a vehicle. Definitely one to get your pulse racing.

  2. Free as a Bird

    Helicopter Adventure, Ol Malo, Kenya

    Helicopter Adventure, Ol Malo, Kenya

    Experience the ultimate sense of freedom on a helicopter flight with Ol Malo’s Andrew Francombe to see Kenya’s hidden gems from a whole new perspective. Picnic by a lake or perched atop a kopje, swoop low over families of elephant, down through valleys and over winding rivers, and experience Kenya in a way that very few people can.

  3. Be Part of the Pack

    Watching Wild Dogs

    Watching Wild Dog at Laikipia, Kenya

    Watching Wild Dog at Laikipia, Kenya Walk with wild dogs through Laikipia in the company of Laikipia’s Steve Carey. You’ll get face to face with these endangered carnivores–often overlooked as one of Africa’s most successful hunters. Laikipia is one of the best places in Africa to see these rare animals.

  4. Sleep Beneath the Stars

    Loisaba star beds

    Star Bed at Loisaba, Kenya

    Watch the Milky Way move across the night sky at Loisaba until the sun rises over the horizon for nature’s finest wake up call!

  5. Track Black Rhino

    Black Rhinos

    Tracking Black Rhino at Borana Lodge, Kenya

    From Borana Lodge, use a radio tracker to follow endangered black rhino in the Borana and Lewa Conservancies. Keep your wits about you as you wander through the African bush and encounter the ‘Big 5’ on foot.

  6. Run Wild

    Running with a Baby Rhino

    A Baby Rhino Joins the Fun, Safaricom, Kenya

    The Safaricom Marathon is your chance to pit yourself against Kenya’s best runners in this challenging race which snakes through game-dense Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, over rolling plains and alongside free-roaming beasties. A true test of body and mind, the event–conducted under the watchful eye of armed park rangers–has raised US$4.9m for Tusk and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy since its inception in 2000. The race takes place every year in June. Register for the Safaricom Marathon

  7. Quad Bike and Buggies

    Ride a Quad Kenya

    Off-road Adventures with Quad Kenya

    Join Jay and Amory MacLeod from Quad Kenya for the adventure of a lifetime as you traverse Laikipia’s rugged terrain on a buggy or quad bike, exploring off the beaten track where few tourists have ventured before.

  8. Mountain Biking

    mountain biking in kenya

    Mountain biking in Kenya

    Go wherever your wheels take you and explore Kenya’s rugged Lakipia region on a mountain bike with Karisia Safaris. Stay on the flat or go as steep as you like, you decide.

  9. Climb Mount Kenya

    Mount Kenya

    Mount Kenya Summit (Flickr)

    Ascend Mount Kenya, one of Africa’s highest mountains, with the experienced Alex Hunter from Ol Pejeta Bush Camp as your guide. Marvel as the landscape changes from rolling foothills to jagged peaks.

  10. Breakfast with Giraffes

    Giraffe Manor - breakfast with giraffes

    Breakfast at Giraffe Manor, Kenya

    One of the most famous attractions in Kenya, it’s not every day you get to share your toast with a 4.6 metre tall giraffe poking his head in through a window. It’s the norm at Giraffe Manor.

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