Aardvark Safaris’ Christmas quiz – Where do you find the wildlife?

December 4th 2020  |   Wildlife Safaris, Experiences  |  by   Aardvark Safaris
Aardvark Safaris’ Christmas quiz  – Where do you find the wildlife?

We’ve got 12 questions for you in this year’s Christmas quiz. Where would you find some of Africa’s iconic wildlife species as well as some animals that are probably known only by experts. Test yourself with the multiple choice questions below and let us know how you get on in the comments – what score did you get and which ones you got wrong (if any).

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7 responses to “Aardvark Safaris’ Christmas quiz – Where do you find the wildlife?”

  1. Chris Flatt says:

    Got the Giraffe wrong, being on our logo I certainly should have known better!

  2. Craig says:

    Highly embarrassingly I got question ONE INcorrect, shaky start much like SA in the T20, but pulled it together – although that giraffe question was touch and go too, Chris! (the photo helped!)

    • Richard Smith says:

      Pleased to know that not even Africa’s big dogs are infallible – thanks for playing. Let us know if the rest of the team fare any better.

  3. John F. Walton says:

    You have asked a question about giraffe above, but you have not specified which type of giraffe as we have seen both reticulated and Rothschilds in Kenya.

  4. Cathy says:

    Agree. It was the background that only gave the clue

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