African Landmarks – Christmas Quiz

November 30th 2017  |   Travel  |  by   Richard Smith
African landmarks UNESCO Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania

How well do you know African landmarks? Where are these photos from? Pit yourself against friends and colleagues with your geography knowledge.

Take our African Landmarks quiz…

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10 responses to “African Landmarks – Christmas Quiz”

  1. Olivia Tufnell says:

    Kicking myself as I got the Namibian dessert one wrong! 9/10, not too shabby!

  2. Suku says:

    Nailed it! My heart longs for Africa

  3. Classic Portfolio says:

    Classic Portfolio – 10 out of 10. Over to you Honour Way…

  4. Keith Skerman says:

    Good fun and the one I got wrong is because I have not been there so need to!

  5. Clive says:

    10 out of 10 though it helps to make it select from 3 . Fun though ~ still some places to visit !

  6. Katy Page says:

    Great quiz. Got eight with a lot of “educated guesses”. Shows just how beautiful Africa is!

  7. Sandy Gray says:

    8/10 – Oh dear! Need to do some revision on the ground!

  8. Christoph Brettle says:

    🙂 I Love it!

  9. Schaijes says:


  10. Ruth Hartley says:

    I got 10 out of 10! And I have visited all the places pictured to.

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