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April 27th 2018  |   Travel, Shop, Miscellaneous  |  by   Charlotte Opperman
aspiga kikoys folded by the beach and rattan hat

Safari holiday booked, and the dreaming of looking like Meryl Streep in Out of Africa has come to an abrupt stop. You’ve just noticed that many fly-in safaris come with the requirement to compress your entire wardrobe into a tiny bag weighing no more than 15kgs! Now there’s a knotty problem. How to downsize your safari packing list to keep you warm, cool, dry, comfortable? And looking good, without coughing up excess luggage fees.

Starting from the head down, here’s my holiday gift guide to the very best in African safari clothing for women from our friends at Aspiga.

Safari Hat

The African sun is strong when you’re so close to the equator. So you’re going to need a hat. Baseball caps will do, but a broad brimmed version, such as this lovely raffia hat is better.  It will save you from a painful burnt neck on game drives and will double up on the beach too.

Raffia Hat Aspiga

Safari Shirt

It doesn’t have to always be khaki.  While it’s wise to avoid really bright colours so you don’t stick out like a Belisha beacon, this pretty embroidered cotton shirt will work as well on a game vehicle as it will in Cape Town.  The sleeves will protect shoulders and arms and the loose fit will keep you cool during the hottest part of the day.  If you prefer something a little simpler then the linen shirt below would definitely fit the bill.

Aspiga embroidered shirt  Aspiga linen shirt teal

Safari Shirtdress

While safari camps have a laundry service and will often return washed items the same day, the key to packing light for your African holiday is having items which work throughout the day and can be layered with different accessories. This shirt dress is great during the day if you are relaxing in camp, or team it up with a pair of trousers in the evening and it’s suitable for a bush dinner or drinks round the fire.

Aspiga shirt dress

Safari Shorts

Shorts are often easier than skirts to ensure you keep your dignity when clambering in and out of safari vehicles. These linen shorts will be perfect for both beach and safari.

Aspiga linen shorts navy

Safari Trousers

There are going to be times on holiday when you want to cover your legs. In the cool African evenings it has the double benefit of keeping you warm and avoiding the need to cover yourself in insect repellent.  These wide leg linen trousers with an elasticated waist (no bad thing after a few days of delicious safari food) are ideal.

Aspiga wide leg trousers


These ponchos are great when you just want something to throw over your shoulders on a light aircraft flight, to keep the chill off first thing or as you drive back from a sundowner.  They come in a range of colours, each with a leather fringe to add a bit of sophistication.

Aspiga Poncho


A kikoy is one of those completely indispensable safari ‘must haves’.  It’s a beach cover up, scarf,  towel and blanket all in one.  I’ve also wrapped it round my head on a quad-bike and round my shoulders on evenings under the stars.  Similar, but a little more ‘towel like’ is the Hammama –  lightweight with super -fast drying properties it’ll squeeze into a corner of your bag and you’ll wonder what life was like without one!

Aspiga kikoy towel

Safari footwear

Good walking shoes (trainers or light boots) are ideal whilst out on safari.  But it’s nice to have something a bit lighter while you’re in camp or at the beach.  Beaded sandals is where Aspiga started and they still offer a glorious range of style and colour.   They’re very hardy, look great and I reckon every wardrobe needs a pair.

Aspiga beaded flat sandals

On the beach

Well, you’ll be spoilt for choice here with a range of kaftans, dresses, sarongs, harem trousers and swimsuits to suit all tastes.  Browse the beachwear section and I’m sure you’ll find one or two things you didn’t realise you needed until now.


You’ve probably realised by now that Aspiga’s clothing is my kind of thing.  Lucy Macnamara founded Aspiga in 2006 after a Kenyan holiday – falling in love, not only with the country itself, but with the stunning beaded sandals and many other wonderful handmade products.

Working with a handful of carefully chosen Kenyan suppliers the beautiful belts, sandals and Kikoys are each individual works of art.  Employees are of an appropriate working age, paid and treated fairly. Generally unskilled when they start, their income has helped fund small scale agricultural projects and children’s education.  This support of the local community is something we whole heartedly endorse at Aardvark Safaris.

The original products are now supplemented with an extensive selection of holiday and beach wear – just perfect for your forthcoming safari.

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