Angama Mara

Angama Mara sits atop the Oloololo escarpment on the western edge of Kenya’s renowned Masai Mara. The lodge has a magnificent view, one of Africa’s finest, looking east across the plains.
Accommodation & Facilities
Angama Mara consists of two separate camps with 15 rooms each, including interconnecting rooms for families. The rooms have been designed to make the very best of the breath-taking views, with panoramic windows and a deck which is built out over the drop to the plains below. Both camps have their own dining area, lounge and bar and there is a large central pavilion, with a pool, a gym, a shop, and a craft workshop.
Wildlife & Activities
The Masai Mara has fantastic wildlife and Angama offers direct access to the wildlife-rich but relatively quiet Mara Triangle for daytime drives. As well as the seasonal herds of the wildebeest migration, this area hosts lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and much more. Night drives and bush walks can be arranged at the top of the escarpment and visits to the local community are also possible.
Angama Mara Camp Gallery click for large image