Delta Dunes

Delta Dunes Lodge is perched high up on the ridge of a sand dune on the Kenyan coast. The lodge straddles the long line of sand dunes that shield the Tana Delta’s flood plains from the waters of the Indian Ocean. The dunes overlook Kenya’s largest wetlands – a newly established conservation area which is free of roads and any intrusive development – that can be explored only by boat and on foot. The remoteness is enhanced by the enormous scenic diversity of coastal thickets, acacia and doum palm savannah, open plains, and mangrove swamps. All this is interspersed by the slow-flowing waters of the Tana River, ox-bow lakes and tidal creeks.

Accommodation & Facilities
Accommodation comprises seven open fronted, charming, yet rustic reed and thatch cottages each different in their architecture and stunning driftwood furniture. The common theme is the openness of construction, coupled with stunning locations offering panoramic views. Set far apart for total privacy, the rooms are connected to one another (and the top and bottom dining areas) by steep stone paths and steps threading through the dunes and bush.  Spacious en-suite bathrooms offer al fresco showers open to the stars.  There is also a swimming pool.

Wildlife & Activities
Delta Dunes is not your normal beach property but more of a safari camp by the sea. Days can also be spent walking along the vast, wild and empty beach where you are unlikely to encounter another person for kilometres. Other activities on offer include day and night game drives, guided walks, sand yachting, kayaking, nature boat trips, creek fishing, swimming, sundowner cruises and visits to the Pokomo tribe (well known for their singing and music) and visits to the Orma (pastoralists who follow the rain with their cattle and live in unusual tall, cone-shaped thatched huts). The area is also a haven for a variety of birds including waders, kingfishers and herons.

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