Drumbeat Safaris

A Drumbeat private mobile safari is a wonderful way to spend quality family time and see some truly wild regions of Botswana, staying in an exclusive small camp well away from the main tourist routes. Guests are accompanied by an expert private guide, and every trip is designed around the clients’ interests, the season of travel and the length of time available. The areas visited are remote and very beautiful. There is no minimum age requirement but it is recommended for children from six years.

Accommodation & Facilities
Drumbeat staff set your camp up in remote exclusive camping areas within the wildlife reserves. Being on a private safari means that you do not have to consider other guests and the camp can be built in a child friendly way. When travelling between camping areas, your camp is taken down and re-erected in the new site on arrival. Accommodation is in traditional walk in safari tents, with camp beds and duvets. Each tent has an en-suite loo and shower. Tents are configured according to the size of the family. For families with two children or more, two tents are placed opposite each other with verandas touching. A third bed can be added to a tent to make it a triple thereby sleeping a maximum of two adults and three children in a family unit.

Meals are specially prepared over a fire, and are eaten in the mess tent, sheltering under the shady bough of a spreading acacia or beneath the star filled African sky.

Eating & Sleeping
This is your family’s safari and therefore meal and activity times are flexible and dictated by you.  There isn’t a children’s menu as such but adult meals are adapted to suit and according to children’s preferences. So for instance if there is a cheeseboard for dessert, there will also be marshmallows for the kids to melt over the fire.

A babysitter/nanny can be booked on request but as this is a private safari the dining area can be set up close to the guest’s tent, so parents can hear their kids, and the kids can hear their parents.

Wildlife & Activities
Drumbeat guides are some of the best and most experienced available, with expert interpretation and educational skills. Drives and boat trips are possible, with the latter generally offered on a moving day between areas in the Okavango Delta region. Mokoro trips (dug out canoes) need advance warning and availability of a nearby campsite; please ask if it would be of interest.

Specifically for children …
Child friendly guides are allocated to families and game drives and activities are tailored according to interests and ages. Your guide will captivate the children with stories of life in the bush and teach them bush skills including how to identify animal tracks, dung and spoor, how to light a fire and survive in the bush.  Mokoro trips are offered to children of 12 years and above.

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