Elewana Elsa’s Kopje

Elsa’s Kopje is located within Meru National Park, in northern Kenya. Elsa’s is named after the orphaned lioness reared by George and Joy Adamson and then released into the wild, and on whom the film “Born Free” was based. The park is the driest in the country and the landscape is incredible, with the park’s 13 rivers running off the mountains cutting green pathways through the dry brown valleys.

Accommodation & Facilities
Elsa’s Kopje has just nine stone and thatch cottages (of which one is a honeymoon suite), which are distanced from one another to give each a feeling of privacy. From their position on the hillside the cottages offer excellent views across the surrounding park. There is also a swimming pool.

Wildlife & Activities
Whilst staying at Elsa’s Kopje, wildlife drives through the park offer guests the chance to see lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, black and white rhino, and a myriad of birdlife. Meru National Park is home to a 84km² rhino sanctuary, with over 70 black and while rhinos resident, making Meru one of the best areas in Kenya to see rhinos in their natural habitat. For bird lovers, Meru offers over 450 recorded species. Fishing in the rivers, short walks on Mughwango Hill, excursions to Kora National Park, are other enjoyable activities available.

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