Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is situated a dramatic wilderness that straddles the wild and remote Palmwag area and the iconic Skeleton Coast National Park.  It’s an area that few people have visited and the newly created concession on the Hoanib River preserves one of the most remote parts of the Kaokoveld region.  Guests staying here have a unique opportunity to explore a land of rugged scenery, mountains, vast plains, and dry riverbeds inhabited by unique desert-adapted plant and animal life.
Accommodation & Facilities
Hoanib Camp and has sweeping views north towards the Hoanib Valley and is flanked east and west by rugged hills.  The camp sits unobtrusively in its surroundings and looks out over a small waterhole which is occasionally visited by elephant, oryx and other animals.   There are seven twin tents and one family unit, each of which is comfortably appointed and has en-suite facilities.  The tents are raised on stilts just above the ground with a private, shaded outdoor lounge which is a perfect spot for relaxing in between activities. The main area comprises a lounge, bar area, dining room, library, fire pit, plunge pool and deck.

Wildlife & Activities
Guests at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp will be able to explore the region on foot, by vehicle and from the air (if staying three nights or more).  Despite the arid environs, this area has one of the greatest concentrations of desert-adapted elephant, and sightings of oryx, giraffe and springbok are good.  Lion and black rhino are also seen in the area but on a less regular basis.  Along with savouring endless landscapes untouched for hundreds of kilometres it is also possible to visit the Hoanib floodplains where a series of fresh water oases bring vivid splashes of life to the middle of the Namib Desert.
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