Lewa House

Owner-run Lewa House is situated within the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in a prime location for observing plentiful wildlife, including many endangered species such as Grevy’s zebra, rhino and wild dog. The house and its rooms occupy a fabulous hill top position, providing guests with awe-inspiring views of beautiful Mount Kenya and the landscape that surrounds it.

Accommodation & Facilities
Lewa House has seven cottage style rooms which are spread out along the hillside, all looking towards the expanse of wilderness to the north.  There are three thatched family cottages, each with two en-suite rooms and a large shared veranda, making them ideal for families. Four single room cottages, built from sustainable materials, are very comfortable and spacious, with wonderful views across the surrounding landscape. The main dining area and comfortable lounge are the heart of this property that was once a family home. The large swimming pool overlooking a waterhole also offers a chance to unwind whilst providing a more relaxing way to witness game.

Wildlife & Activities
Guests are able to participate in a variety of activities at Lewa House. As well as day and night drives in open vehicles, guided bush walks, horse riding, and trips through the conservancy on a camel are on offer.  Educational talks about the Lewa Conservancy and its management can also be arranged, as can visits to a nearby pre-historic archaeological site with fascinating rock art. Guests may also meet the Conservancy’s anti-poaching tracking dogs, participate in their training and see them at work.

Lewa House Camp Gallery click for large image