Little Mombo

The Mombo concession in Moremi Game Reserve is renowned as being one of the finest wildlife habitats in Africa. Peacefully remote in the north west tip of Chief’s Island, the concession is surrounded by floodplains and seasonal waterways, and wildlife viewing is superb year round. Little Mombo sits in a prime position, beneath a canopy of shady trees, with great views of the wildlife filled plain in front of camp.

Accommodation & Facilities
Little Mombo comprises just four huge canvas walled rooms which are linked to the mess area with wooden boardwalks. Each room has a very spacious bedroom with cooling over the beds, en-suite bathroom with inside and outside showers and flush loos, and an outside day bed and a private plunge pool on a large verandah. The tents are designed so guests can see the view and the wildlife from the bathroom as well as the bedroom. The décor is classic African safari style and the rooms are furnished with plenty of comfortable chairs and sofas. The mess has a dining room, bar and lounge, and large viewing deck with a plunge pool, a spa and a gym. Wildlife can be seen throughout the day from almost every part of camp.

Wildlife & Activities
Thanks to the remarkably varied and fertile habitat, wildlife viewing at Little Mombo is outstanding, with plentiful predators, elephant, and buffalo seen. Day time drives in specially adapted vehicles are a fantastic way to see the prolific wildlife here, and the animals are very relaxed with the vehicles. Varied vegetation and abundant water means birdlife is prolific, and that a variety of antelope and plains species can be seen from the camp all day long.

Little Mombo Camp Gallery click for large image