Elewana Loisaba Star Beds

Loisaba is a huge private area on the edge of Kenya’s Northern Territories with many different types of habitat. One unique opportunity offered by Loisaba Lodge is the chance to sleep out on ‘star Beds’.

Accommodation & Facilities
Each “Star Bed” is on a raised, handcrafted wooden platform, which is partially covered with a thatch roof. As the name suggests you are either able to wheel these out onto the platform and sleep under the stars, or just leave them under the shelter of the roof. The platforms are also fitted with en-suite bathrooms, and there is a thatched dining area and fire pit. There are two sets of three platforms. The Kiboko Star Beds are a twenty minute drive from the lodge and located among a kopje of rocks in one of the eastern valleys overlooking the ‘Kiboko’ waterhole. The second set, The Koija Star Beds, are slightly further from the main lodge (a thirty minute drive) and are positioned on the banks of the Ewaso N’giro River and are reached by footbridge from the opposite bank. The latter is an exciting joint venture between Loisaba and the Laikipia Masai people and guests will be hosted by members of the local Koija community.

Wildlife & Activities
Whilst not traditionally associated with big game, the area is home to wild dog, lion, leopard, buffalo, and elephant. There are also many activities on offer, including horse riding, camel riding and river rafting. Quad biking is offered at an extra cost, with the income from this activity benefiting the local school ‘ so far three classrooms have been built with the proceeds.

Elewana Loisaba Star Beds Camp Gallery click for large image