Mandrare River Camp

Madagascar Classic Camping’s Mandrare River Camp is set in the shade of a grove of tamarind trees, three hours west of Fort Dauphin. To get there you head through the giant sand dunes of Lac Anony and the spiny desert to the tented camp on the banks of the mighty Mandrare River.

Accommodation & Facilities
Mandrare River Camp is set in the grounds of an old colonial plantation house opposite the sacred ancestral forests of the Antandroy Tribe. It has six large tents, each with en-suite facilities with a flush loo and a shower.  All the tents have a verandah overlooking the river and there’s a terrace right on the river’s edge on which you can relax in the middle of the day or sit with some binoculars enjoying the fantastic bird watching.

Wildlife & Activities
There are a number of varied activities possible at Mandrare River Camp including day and night walks to find the five species of lemurs present here, astronomy, meeting and interacting with the local Antandroy tribe.

Mandrare River Camp Camp Gallery click for large image