Ngaga Camp

Ngaga Camp is set in the Ndzehi Forest on the western boundary of Odzala-Kokoua National Park. The park is in the heart of the Congo Basin which is the world’s second largest expanse of tropical rainforest, and Ngaga is a perfect base from which to track Africa’s densest population of western lowland gorillas.

Accommodation & Facilities
The design of the six guest rooms has been influenced by the buildings of the local B’Aka Pygmy groups. The construction is from locally sourced materials, sustainably harvested hardwoods, bamboo and raffia palm matting, and ensures that the camp blends seamlessly into the remote forest environment. Each room is raised three to four metres above the ground with a wraparound walkway allowing for a full appreciation of the forest canopy. There is a river deck located on the Ngaga stream where guests can enjoy evening drinks and cool off after walking in the forest.

Wildlife & Activities
The main activity at Ngaga Camp is tracking western lowland gorillas. Birding and night walks are also possible, as well as visiting the forest people in local villages.

Ngaga Camp Camp Gallery click for large image