Ol Malo House

Ol Malo House is built out of natural stone, with thatched roofs. It has a large sitting room, dining room, a library and three en-suite double bedrooms. There are also two separate cottages – one double en-suite and one with two double en-suite rooms and a small sitting room. Each of the six rooms has been individually decorated with stylish décor and African touches. There is a beautiful pool with a sitting area ideal for BBQ’s and al fresco dining.

Accommodation & Facilities

The house has a full team of staff, private vehicles and guides so guests have the flexibility of doing what they want, when they want. A private house is the perfect option for families or groups of friends travelling together.

Wildlife & Activities

Activities on offer at Ol Malo House include day and night wildlife drives, horse riding, bush meals, escorted bush walks, and camel treks. Day excursions to the Karisia Hills and to the Samburu town of Maralal are available. There are various opportunities to interact with the Samburu. It is possible to spend time at one of the local manyattas and learn how the Samburu go about their daily lives plus see the morans (warriors) and young women – visitors will understand why ‘samburu’ means ‘butterfly’ in Maa when they see all their glorious beads and finery.

Ol Malo House Camp Gallery click for large image