Ol Malo Nomad

Ol Malo Nomad offers guests a novel way to explore the more remote parts of Kenya’s northern Laikipia province in private, with a lightweight mobile camp and expert guides. Using the Francombe family’s Ol Malo Lodge itself as a base, the camp can visit places such as the rugged Ewaso Nyiro river valley, the Laikipia plateau, and the Mukogodo forest, or go further afield to Lake Turkana or even Mount Kenya.

Accommodation & Facilities

Taken on an exclusive basis for a minimum of two nights, Ol Malo Nomad comprises just four tents, accommodating no more than eight guests at a time. Bathrooms are shared, as are the loos, and meals are all cooked over a campfire, and eaten outside. Andrew and Chyulu Francombe are both highly experienced riders and safari guides, and have been part of the team at Ol Malo for many years now. Their knowledge and hospitality will make a safari with Ol Malo Nomad an enthralling, fascinating and fun experience.

Wildlife & Activities

Guests at Ol Malo Nomad can explore their surroundings on foot, or by horse or camel. For anyone wanting to get to more remote and inaccessible places a helicopter is the perfect option. Piloted by Andrew Francombe, it gives an eagle’s eye view of the extraordinary landscapes below, as well as swift travel between sites, and access to places such as Lake Turkana.  Wildlife viewing is varied in this area, with plentiful elephant, giraffe and zebra, as well as smaller plains game such as lesser kudu, impala and duiker. Visits to the local communities are a large part of a stay with the Francombe family, who have partnered with the Samburu to great mutual benefit. Ol Malo has a herd of very hardy and surefooted Somali ponies, which are perfect for the terrain.
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