Onduli Ridge

Onduli Ridge, named after the resident giraffe of the area, is built at the base of two south facing granite outcrops in a private area of the Doro !Nawas Conservancy. This location has magnificent views of Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg, to the south and the dispersed cathedral-like granite inselbergs to the north.

Accommodation & Facilities
The six suites at Onduli Ridge are hidden amongst the granite boulders and have en-suite bathrooms which are partially open to the sky. Each suite has a private deck onto which the bed can be moved for a ‘star-bed’ experience. The communal areas include a spacious lounge and dining room, a library, a campfire circle and a deck overlooking a waterhole. There is also a swimming pool.

Widlife & Activities
The area is home desert-adapted black rhino, elephant, plains wildlife, and predators such as cheetah, leopard, lion, spotted and brown hyena. Activities at Onduli Ridge include nature drives and walks for desert-adapted elephant and rhino tracking (on a 4 night stay only), visits to sites with rock art. Exploring the area on foot or by electric mountain bike is a great way to learn about the smaller factors that also have an impact on the ecosystem.

Onduli Ridge Camp Gallery click for large image