Return to the Wild

Return to the Wild is an overnight ‘fly camping’ sleep out in Zambia’s renowned South Luangwa National Park. Offering guests the chance to sleep under the stars in the dry bed of the Luwi River, part of Zambia’s best wildlife habitat, this is an exciting way to leave the fripperies of modern life behind.

Accommodation & Facilities
In the afternoon, you set off into the bush on foot with your guide and tracker for the ultimate wilderness experience, a private overnight Return to the Wild sleep out. After a guided walk of two to four hours (or more depending upon your wishes) you find a spot to camp in the Luwi dry river bed, the site being carefully chosen by the highly experienced guide based on wildlife movements and climatic conditions.

Wildlife & Activities
Part of the pioneering spirit of this sleep out is helping to set up camp, a simple enough matter with just a bed roll and a mosquito net to organise, and a fire to light.  Once this has been done and you have a cold drink to hand, you can help the guide cook the barbecue dinner. After an evening dining under the stars, sharing adventures and stories around the fire, and enjoying true Zambian hospitality, you fall asleep to the sounds of the nocturnal bush with the magnificent African night sky as your ceiling, while your guide and scout keep watch until morning.

Return to the Wild overnight sleep outs are led by the country’s top guides and scouts, and are a true taste of adventure, offering total immersion in the wilderness.

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