Serengeti Safari Camp

Serengeti Safari Camp is an authentic seasonally mobile camp which moves throughout the Serengeti National Park tracking the great wildebeest migration, taking advantage of its mobility to be located the best area as the seasons change. From December to March the camp is usually situated in the south, in April and May it goes west towards Lake Victoria, and from June moves north to be close to the border with Kenya.

Accommodation & Facilities
The camp is made up of six tastefully furnished tents which are used as a base whilst you venture out on wildlife drives. Each tent has an en-suite bathroom including a traditional bucket shower and a flushing chemical loo. Meals are shared either under the stars or in the dining tent. As it is a small camp, the staff are on hand to look after your every need.

Wildlife & Activities
Huge open plains and grass waving in the wind is how many people think of African safaris. This description fits the majority of the Serengeti well. It is rightly famous for both its resident wildlife population, which includes large numbers of predators, as well as the annual wildebeest and zebra migration which travels clockwise through the Serengeti.

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