Serra Cafema

Serra Cafema sits on a terrace beside the Kunene River in the far northwest of Namibia, with views of Angola across the water. Carefully built into a grove of ancient albida trees, the camp is one of the most remote in Southern Africa and can only be accessed by air. The Kunene River is an extraordinary ribbon of green edged water snaking from east to west through the incredibly arid wilderness of the Namib Desert.

Accommodation & Facilities
The camp has been built to be as sustainable as possible, and is solar powered. Serra Cafema has eight rooms built from timber, canvas and thatch, set on raised wooden decks. The rooms, one of which has two bedrooms to suit a family, have en-suite bathrooms with views over the river, and an outside shower. The bedrooms are huge, and there is a sunken seating area in each one, which has a fridge and a kettle, and a large outside deck for relaxing and soaking up the wonderful view. The main lodge winds its way along the river bank, and the design was inspired by the culture of the local Himba people, including an outside fire-pit as its heart. The lodge features a dining room, bar, and lounge, a pool, and plenty of space for meals on the outside deck.

Wildlife & Activities
The activities on offer at Serra Cafema are focused on exploring one of the planet’s driest deserts. 4×4 Landover and quad bike trips in to the sand dunes, exploring the breath-taking landscape with springbok, ostrich and oryx dotted here and there, boating on the Kunene River looking at bird and river life, bush walks, and meeting the Himba community are among the highlights.

Serra Cafema Camp Gallery click for large image