Skeleton Coast Safaris

The Schoeman family has been running flying safaris along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast for over 25 years. Incredibly remote landscapes of haunting beauty and a variety of flora and fauna, as well as amazing archaeological and geological features can be viewed from the air or experienced at ground level during this unique flying safari.

Accommodation & Facilities

The classic Schoeman trip involves joining a small group in a private plane and flying to some of the remotest areas left in the world.  The trip is only four days and three nights, with each night spent at a different remote camp.  Accommodation at Kuidas and Kunene River Camps comprises walk-in dome style tents set underneath wooden huts, with two comfortable camp beds with a mattress, sheet and blanket and a small bedside table.  Each tent has its own chemical loo.  At Leylandsdrift camp the larger, square tents have double beds, en-suite flush loos, and running water in the basins. In all the camps each tent has an adjoining bucket shower and there are also shared flush loos to the rear of the tents at Kuidas and Kunene River camps.  Fresh meals are prepared daily by the staff based at each camp.

Wildlife & Activities
The trip is hard paced flying over the Sossusvlei dunes, then landing on the Skeleton Coast and exploring Damaraland, and Kaokoland. You will land often just to admire the geological formations or to look at an ancient bushman rock engraving. You can see the ancient Welwitschia plant, slide and drive down the vast roaring dunes, meet the isolated Himba people near the Angolan border and track desert elephant. Although the trip is only four days long, you will feel at the end of it that you will have seen the best Namibia has to offer. The quality of your Schoeman host and guide, and stunning scenery make this the finest trip available in Namibia and one of the best in the whole of Africa.

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