Tau Pan

Tau Pan Camp is situated on a sand ridge on the edge of the beautiful Tau Pan, overlooking the permanent water hole and the Kalahari plains that stretch away into the distance across the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. This is the second largest wildlife reserve in Africa at 52,800 square kilometres, and for many years was closed to the public. It is known for being one of Africa’s last truly wild areas.

Accommodation & Facilities
The camp is environmentally friendly, and guests are accommodated in nine carefully designed desert rooms with thick walls and thatched roofs, allowing them to be cool in the hot summer months while being cosy and warm during the bitterly cold winter. The rooms have inside en-suite bathrooms and an outside shower, overhead fans, and a solar powered electrical supply. Each one also has a private verandah offering spectacular views across this amazing landscape. The camp also has a dining room, bar and lounge, a viewing deck, a swimming pool, library and curio shop.

Wildlife & Activities
The terrain is grass plains with occasional shallow valleys, sand dunes and a large number of pans. Thanks to minerals in the soil, the pans produce highly nutritious grasses which are invaluable to the wildlife. Thousands of springbok, gemsbok and wildebeest congregate here after the rains, and are an amazing sight. There are many predators especially the famous Kalahari black-maned lion, and cheetah, while leopard, jackals, brown hyenas and wild dog are also often seen. Wildlife drives are a great way to see the fantastic wildlife, while guided bush walks with San Bushmen offer visitors a wonderful opportunity to learn about life in the desert through the eyes of people who have lived here for many millennia.

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