Tok Tokkie Walking Trails

These two night, three day walking trails explore many different aspects of this beautiful desert region, from the starkly beautiful mountains to majestic sand dunes. Walking at a leisurely pace, you have time to enjoy the wonders of desert landscape with its desert adapted game and unique plant life. Birding is surprisingly good and among the larger animals that are spotted are bat-eared fox, oryx, springbok and ostrich.

Accommodation & Facilities
Walking does not usually exceed 12km a day and is broken into morning and afternoon hikes with plenty of time for a packed lunch and siesta. There are numerous photographic opportunities, particularly in the dunes when the shadows create an ever changing range of colours. At the end of the day you stop in a scenic spot to enjoy a sundowner and three-course dinner before falling asleep under the stars.

Wildlife & Activities
Guests carry their own day pack on the walks, with the rest of the luggage following on the support vehicle. Camp facilities include long drop loos and bucket showers and guests sleep in the open on comfortable stretcher beds. Since some of the routes cross rough terrain and sand dunes it is recommended that you are fairly fit to tackle the trails.


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