Ubuntu Camp

Ubuntu Camp is a small authentic seasonal tented safari camp which moves around the Serengeti ecosystem in tune with the flow of the wildebeest migration. From July to October the camp is located near the Mara River in the Northern Serengeti. Between December and February the camp is situated in the southern Ngorongoro Conservancy Area, ideal for observing the assembled herds giving birth on the wide open short grass plains. During the months of April to June the camp moves to the remote and little visited Western Corridor, along the Mbalageti and Grumeti rivers, where the wildebeest congregate during their move northwards.

Accommodation & Facilities
Ubuntu Camp has just eight simple but comfortable tents. Even though the camp is lightweight enough to move seasonally, and the tents are relatively simple, each tent has an en-suite bathroom with flush loo, running water and a bucket shower. The camp also has a mess tent which is just right for 16 guests. The camp makes little or no impact on its surroundings, and once it has moved on with the migration it leaves little or no trace.

Wildlife & Activities
Ubuntu Camp provides an idea base from which to track the great wildebeest migration through the year, with game drives across the Serengeti’s vast, remote expanses, and has some very experienced and knowledgeable guides. During the months of December to March walking and off-road driving are also possible.

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