Wayo Walking Safaris

Wayo Walking Safaris operate in a number of exclusive wilderness zones of the Serengeti National Park, which are off-limits to other visitors and safari outfitters. These parts of the Serengeti have excellent wildlife, spectacular scenery, and hardly any roads at all.

Accommodation & Facilities

Wayo plans walking safaris from 2 to 7 nights in length, moving every other night to allow guests to explore each location to the best extent, but also give the sense of a real journey. The camps are relatively lightweight and simple, to enable easy moves between sites. They are comfortable, with 3 metre dome tents, camp beds and good bedding. The bathrooms with bucket showers and safari loos are close by, although not en-suite. Meals are prepared over a camp fire, and eaten outside, in the shade of trees or under the stars.

Wildlife & Activities

Guests will be walking for most of the time, although the amount of time will vary from day to day, depending on the specific location and whether the camp is being moved. The wildlife that might be seen in these wilderness areas includes lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, topi, warthog, impala, and a large number of birds.

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