Sao Tome and Principe

Tropical island gems

São Tomé and Príncipe could be described as a shining green volcanic pimple in the armpit of Africa. And while these gorgeous, forested islands may object to such a tag, they are indeed tiny, cloaked in tropical rainforest, and not far from the West African coast in the Gulf of Guinea.

Both islands are the exposed tips of huge sea mounts, part of a chain of extinct volcanoes running from Mount Cameroon on the mainland into the Atlantic Ocean. The islands were uninhabited until Portuguese sailors arrived in 1470. Settlers planted sugar, coffee, and cacao in fertile soils as the islands were gradually colonised during the 1600s.

Fringed by beautiful, unspoilt beaches and the waters of the Atlantic, both islands are a refuge for marine life and plenty of birds. The islands are perfect for an off-the-beaten-track holiday in a gem of a tropical beach destination, with a pristine marine environment and fascinating and accessible local culture.

We Recommend…

Travelling from from July to August when the humpback whales can often be seen off the coast of Príncipe on dedicated whale watching boat trips.


Sao Tome & Principe When to Travel

Full Name
Sao Tome and Principe
Sao Tome
1001 sq km
Major Languages
Major religion
Roman catholic
Monetary Unit
Main Exports
Cocoa and coffee
Flight time from London
18 hrs: stops at Lagos Portugal and Los Nigera
Time Difference
GMT - 1