Find your inner Masai

April 27th 2020  |   Botswana, Family Safaris, Countries, Experiences, Kenya, Miscellaneous, Unique Experiences, South Africa  |  by   Alice Gully
Find your inner Masai

With travel out of the question at the moment, we’ve been in touch with some of our best-loved family camps to bring you some of the fun and more unusual safari activities they offer. We’ve called them ‘home-schooling safari style’ but really it’s an excuse to gather together some of the inspirational and quirky activities on offer which complement wonderful wildlife viewing to make a family safari such an incredibly rewarding holiday. Have a look on our Instagram and Facebook pages where you can find more videos and a host of other entertaining and educational ideas. Tune in at 4pm every day and be prepared for your inner Masai to emerge!

The private conservation area around Ol Lentille is home to a plethora of wildlife including some of the rarer species like wild dog and Grevy’s zebra. Once you’ve had your fill of the wildlife we’d suggest skipping the morning wildlife drive and going out with head guide Timothy and his three children and learn how to milk his goats. When you’ve perfected that you can visit the local camel market and find out what to look for when buying your next camel!  Here’s a glimpse at how it’s done – first catch your goat.

Ol Malo is a privately owned family ranch and wildlife sanctuary in Kenya’s wild northern Laikipia province. It’s a perfect spot for families with activities a-plenty. Highlights include spending time with the local Samburu who are delighted to teach guests their traditional ways. Kids can learn about the toothbrush tree, how to find water and to light a fire with sticks. If you’re lucky you might get to see the wonderful spectacle of warriors gathering together to dance. Tracking the wildlife is great fun too and in this wonderful clip the lodge owner’s children show how to track an elephant.

Borana is home to East Africa’s largest rhino conservancy. Owner, Michael Dyer, has invested his life savings to protect rhino on his ranch and is a passionate and knowledgeable philanthropist, striving to protect these magical creatures. It’s a wonderful lodge with a range of excellent family friendly activities but the jewel in the crown here is to go out with one of the rhino trackers and help gather all the latest information to report back to HQ. With both black and white rhino on the reserve it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about these critically endangered animals. Find out more in the video below.

Fugitives’ Drift in South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal is renowned for awe-inspiring tours that bring the battles of Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana to life. Incredibly evocative and an extraordinary way to experience this slice of history, the tours aren’t only for parents. For younger history buffs, there are shorter more interactive tours which can be tailored to the age and interests of the children. Led by a Zulu guide these wonderful outings engage and inspire with stories of the bravery and courage of British soldiers and Zulu warriors. There’s even a chance to hold a Martini-Henry rifle as used by the British at Rorke’s Drift and to look at a variety of contemporary Zulu assegais. Here’s a snippet of what you could expect from Rob Caskie, one of Africa’s finest storytellers.

Brothers Grant and Brent Reed set up Letaka Safaris nearly 20 years ago and the mobile camping safaris they run in Botswana’s Okavango Delta delight young and old alike. Of course the wildlife viewing is incredible, the scenery is magical and having a private tented camp just for you and yours is a joy. Away from the usual activities, the guides – who are among the best in southern Africa – will happily organise impala poo spitting contests, teach you how to catch snakes and how to track big cats. It’s rewarding, exciting and educational all at the same time. We’ve got more videos coming from this charismatic pair, but they’ve started us off with a charming cookery lesson, bush-style.

Machaba Camp in the Okavango Delta is in something of a hyena hotspot. The vast numbers of plains wildlife together with good populations of predators means there’s plenty of fallen wildlife for these scavengers to feed on. Although they don’t always get the best press, hyena are highly intelligent and their relationships are fascinating to observe. They’re cheeky too with night-time raids on camp cushions and water jugs a regular pastime. The Machaba guide team know their local clan intimately and love nothing more than teaching the guests all about these ‘laughing’ beasts. Here’s a quick rundown from two of the younger members of the Machaba team.

Just imagine all the exciting adventurous things that you ever wanted to do outside which our UK climate makes so difficult; swimming and tubing in rivers, wallowing in mud pools, playing hide and seek with Samburu and Masai guides, tracking animals, baking bread in the ground, riding camels, sleeping out under the stars without a single light in sight, fishing, walking with local guides through the land where they live, camping in remote places of great beauty, and as a real bonus seeing a large amount of Africa’s incredible wildlife at close quarters. That’s what you get with Karisia Walking Safaris – a full up adventure where the kids will learn masses without even realising it. Best school ever!

Hitching a lift on a Karisia camel assisted walking safari

What next?

If these snapshots of have inspired you to dream about future safaris, please do get in touch – we would be delighted to chat, no matter how early in the decision making process you might be. Email is probably the best way to contact us right now and we’ll respond as quickly as we can – usually on the same day.  We very much look forward to talking to you.

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