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December 17th 2019  |   Countries, South Africa  |  by   Lucinda Rome
 MADIKWE – SECRET SOUTH AFRICA -two white rhinos

While the Kruger is South Africa’s most famous national park, Madikwe Game Reserve is one of its unsung gems. Regarded as one of the country’s most successful conservation stories, this formerly semi-arid farmland in the north west, close to the Botswana border and its capital Gaborone, was designated in 1991 and is South Africa’s fifth largest wildlife reserve with 75,000 hectares of protected and re-wilded land.

Excellent wildlife viewing from Morukuru Farmhouse

Excellent wildlife viewing from Morukuru Farmhouse

Madikwe has excellent wildlife, with a good population of lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo, leopard, wild dog, giraffe and so much more. The terrain is characterised by plains, hills and ridges, with plenty of grassland rather than thick bush, which makes the wildlife viewing better too.

Elephant spotted on a wildlife drive from Jaci's Safari Camp

Elephant spotted on a wildlife drive from Jaci’s Safari Camp

Madikwe has a number of USPs, including easy access from Johannesburg and Gaborone and freedom from malaria. The reserve can be split into east and west, with a range of hills forming a bit of a natural barrier in the middle, and the two zones have a different flavour as a result.

Luxuriously appointed tented suite at Jaci's Safari Lodge

Luxuriously appointed tented suite at Jaci’s Safari Lodge

Although the east is nearer to Johannesburg, the west is easier to get to thanks to the main road to Gaborone running past the entrance. With more lodges in the west and the occasional light pollution from Gaborone affecting the sense of wilderness, we prefer the eastern side where there are fewer visitors.

The hide sleepout at Morukuru

The hide sleepout at Morukuru

Among our favourites here is Jaci’s Safari Lodge, one of the first to offer superb family safaris and still one of the best for children. Sister property, Jaci’s Tree Lodge, where the elegant suites are raised into the tress on wooden stilts, lends itself to couples and families with older children.

Bushbuck feeding on the front lawn at Morukuru Farmhouse

Bushbuck feeding on the front lawn at Morukuru Farmhouse

In addition to lodges on the reserve itself, the Morukuru collection, hidden away on private land abutting the reserve’s eastern tip, comprises three wonderful private houses. Known as Farm House, Owner’s House and River House, each offers wonderful luxury, fabulous facilities including a pool, privacy, and flexibility, and unfettered access to the vast expanse of Madikwe. With the opportunities to walk, sleep out, do night drives, and bush meals, it adds so much to a wonderful safari for a family or friends travelling together.

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