Namibia Guides Ride – the follow up

November 6th 2018  |   Travel, Countries, Unique Experiences, Miscellaneous, Namibia  |  by   Charlotte Opperman
Namibia Horse Safaris desert camp

When we asked Africa’s riding safari guides and company owners for their bucket list rides in Africa, Namibia kept coming up as somewhere they were keen to explore. A plan was therefore hatched that Aardvark Safaris, together with Namibia Horse Safaris, would arrange a ‘guides’ ride’ and invite clients to join the riding safari guides in a trip from the desert to the sea. We thought it would be fun; we hadn’t predicted how epic it would actually be.

Here are some photos of the trip and feedback from some of Africa’s best riding safari guides/owners……

Nicky Dyer – Borana Lodge

Just to say that we had the most incredible time – loved it! Slightly scared that I would not be fit enough but seems I did enough training to prepare for several hours of cantering across the desert and long hours on a horse. Beautiful scenery – amazing horses – comfy beds and delicious food – really inspired by everything. However not for the faint-hearted! Felt like it was a huge achievement to reach the Atlantic in one piece. EPIC. Thank you so much for organising it all and so glad that we went – truly to be remembered always.

Made it!

Made it to the Atlantic!

Michael Dyer – Borana Lodge

We had the best time. Loved every minute and can’t believe how lucky we are to be able to do these things.  Andrew and his team are superstars, the horses – fantastic, the food – amazing, given the conditions.

Michael Dyer making friends with his mount.

Michael Dyer making friends with his mount.

Claudia Westerbarkey – client

This trip was overwhelming in so many ways. Andrew and his team are fantastic. The riding was obviously breathtakingly beautiful and so much fun. The horses are incredible athletes, just like marathon runners.  Everything worked out great, logistics were impeccable, the food delicious. It’s amazing what Rain does with a few pots and that awesome kitchenette.

Jo Westermark – Kaskazi Horse Safaris

Just one word to describe – EPIC!

The food wagon.

The food wagon

Gerti Kusseler – Wait A Little Horse Safaris

It was totally amazing, what an epic ride. The most incredible scenery and what a team doing all the horses, the cooking, the packing and unpacking, the driving of the truck, pitching up camp twice a day, carrying all the water, food, luggage, bedding etc…. . Riding in the desert and sleeping under the stars needs some organisation and this is an amazing operation. The whole team was amazing and of course Andrew is a super guide.



My mind is still somewhere between the sand dunes, the rocks, the canyon of the Swakop River, the quiver trees, the oryx, the chameleons and so on and on and on and on. Would like to sleep under the stars again and keep on riding every day… just keep on going…. what an experience riding in this amazing landscape.  We loved every minute of it.

Sleeping under the stars.

Sleeping under the stars

Chase Jordaan – Ant’s Nest

The trip was amazing, lived up to every expectation. Andrew and his team are simply amazing.

Crossing the epic desert landscape.

Crossing the epic desert landscape

Andrew Gillies – Namibia Horse Safari Company

Last, but not least, from Andrew who marshalled the team across this epic landscape.

It was a privilege to host this many riding guides. Seldom do you get so many professional people, in the field you work in, together around a fire swapping stories and experiences. I’d have to say the highlight of the trip for me was the camaraderie. You would imagine there could be the possibility of a lot of testosterone, however there was none of that. It was a sharing experience with a lot of laughter and banter. Also great to hear we all deal with similar circumstances in totally different environments and how the other guides handle those circumstances. Another highlight for me was that everyone was an accomplished horseman. I’ve learnt that there are many more riding destinations I need to go and see and we may need to make this an annual gathering!

My fellow guides have commented on the landscape and I would add that Namibia is a country of vast, harsh, rugged beauty with a small population and minimal infrastructure. This equates to true wilderness and lots of unpopulated landscapes providing the opportunity to ride for days without encountering another human being. Namibia also boasts good natural populations of charismatic megafauna like desert elephant, black rhino and cheetah which have always lived here and not been reintroduced… it feels pristine. It is these factors together with the luxury of space that combine to make Namibia a world class riding destination.

Collection of the Namibia Guide Ride 2018 photos presentation

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