Safari Pricing

We specialise in tailor made, high quality African safaris away from the crowds. You may be going on safari for the first time and not know where to start, in which case we will spend as long as it takes to design an itinerary to suit your wishes. Or, if you are an experienced safari traveller looking for something different, we can advise you on new discoveries we have made through our own extensive travels. Even if you have only got a preliminary idea, we are very happy to talk to you at the earliest stage of planning.

It is possible to do a good safari for £5,000 per person, but the average amount clients spent with us last year was just over £7,500 per person. International flights in economy, accommodation, meals and activities such as game drives and walks are all included in the price. We have also planned trips that cost £30,000 per person, to include club class flights and combinations of camps with high costs either due to exclusivity or remoteness.

Once an itinerary is agreed we will give you a detailed quote. To confirm arrangements, we ask you to complete our booking form and return it with a 30% deposit. Final payment is due 13 weeks before departure. We accept payment by cheque, debit or credit card, or bank transfer.