Patricia Knight

Patricia Knight

Born in Brazil to an English father and Brazilian mother, Patricia grew up in a very multicultural household with a huge number of Brazilian aunties and cousins never too far away, always being loud and chatty.

Her love of travel evolved through the many trips they took together as a family around the length of breadth of Brazil. How people lived, their customs, accents, cuisines always fascinated her, and the adventure of reaching a far flung place where they didn’t know what kind of hotel (if any) was waiting for them at the other end added to the sense of excitement (this was travel by the seat of our pants which was the way her parents loved doing it, and pre-internet days).

She says “In Brazil, wildlife was never too far away! Mostly in the interest of self-preservation, while I was growing up I always took notice of different creatures that were around me which gradually developed into a keen interest in spotting exotic birds and other animals in the wild. Although I haven’t ventured to Africa yet, I’m sure my sense of adventure will get me there and one of the most exciting parts for me is to see the variety of wildlife that it has to offer in that incredible landscape. Now helping to develop wonderful holidays for our customers and hearing about their wildlife encounters it is inspiring me even more!”

“My interest in travel led me to move to Edinburgh back in the late 90s to study a degree in International Hospitality Management. Here I started working life in hotels, then moved on into DMCs and Tour Operators gaining over 15 years’ experience within the Scottish tourism industry. It is hard not to be moved and enthusiastic about the scenery, history and legends of Scotland”

“I am now very much settled in East Lothian and when I am not taking walks along the wonderful coastline with my binoculars, you might find me discovering new music (and dancing around the kitchen), enjoying a good film, or relaxing with family and friends with some good food and drink.”