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November 10th 2019  |   Kenya, Wildlife Safaris, Countries, Unique Experiences, Experiences, Miscellaneous, Tanzania  |  by   Lucinda Rome
wildebeest migration blog

Have a look at our wildebeest migration blogs below for everything you want to know about the wildebeest migration.  They cover the when and where, along with top tips on how to view this extraordinary wildlife event.

Magical Migration

The wildebeest, seemingly assembled from the wreckage of all the other plains species, is one of Africa’s most charismatic creatures. Despite the appearance of an evolutionary calamity, it is also one of the most successful. When herds around two million strong gather together to migrate between the southern parts of the Serengeti National Park and the Masai Mara Game Reserve, you find one of the most dramatic wildlife events on the planet.

wildebeest at sunset silhouette wildebeest migration blog

5 Top Tips for viewing the Wildebeest Migration

If you’re planning to include time with the wildebeest migration on your safari, take a look at our top tips to maximise your chances of viewing one of the animal world’s most spectacular wildlife events.

herd of wildebeest with zebra - wildebeest migration blog

5 Tips on Photographing a Wildebeest Migration ‘River Crossing’

Wildebeest are wild animals so it’s impossible to know exactly when and where a river crossing will occur. However there are a few ways to boost your chances of getting that perfect action photograph of wildebeest at a river crossing.

Wildebeest River Crossing Kleins Camp, And Beyond, Tanzania wildebeest migration blog

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For more information on the wildebeest migration in Tanzania and Kenya please see our specific wildebeest migration page.

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