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September 1st 2020  |   Unique Experiences, Miscellaneous  |  by   Richard Smith

MPs prefer tailored emails to campaign driven templates. Ideally use the points in the template below to write your own email. However if you’d rather cut and paste this version, please do so.

Find Your MP and Their Email Address

Please click this link to find your MP: members.parliament.uk/constituencies

A couple of extra clicks will get you their email address.

Make Your Email Count

It’s key you do a couple of other things:

1. Include your full name, address and contact number. Without these in the email, the MP may simply ignore you
2. Follow it up after a week or so. You’re likely to get an automatic response acknowledging your letter and maybe another quick reply from an assistant thanking you and saying the MP is looking into it. Please do follow up and ask if they are chasing the FCDO and PHE.

The Template Email


I am writing to you as a concerned constituent. Please help open African travel to save jobs in the UK (1) and Africa, protect wildlife (2) and help avert an African humanitarian crisis (3).

UK Jobs: Help protect UK jobs across tour operators, travel agents, tourist boards, airlines, marketing and PR companies, and related support industries. Some of these will be in your constituency.
Wildlife: More eyes on the ground in Africa reduces poaching for rhino, elephant and pangolin, and subsistence killing of animals for bush meat.
Humanitarian: The African continent relies heavily on international travel for £130BN income and 25M jobs. Each African travel job typically supports 8-10 dependants, helping to support up to 250M people across Africa.

Please can you bring your influence to bear on the Foreign Office team and Public Health England to apply the same travel metrics to African countries that are applied for the rest of the world. The data support this and I believe applying them correctly will result in the opening of travel corridors to African countries.

Yours sincerely

Thank You

Thanks from Aardvark Safaris and our dedicated team, the camps and lodges in Africa and the families they support, and the wildlife that relies on travellers to remain safe.

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