10 Best African Wildlife Photographs

October 12th 2015  |   Photography Safaris, Wildlife Safaris, Experiences  |  by   Richard Smith
10 Best African Wildlife Photographs
Running Zebra, Image credit David Yarrow

Mention Africa and many people will bring to mind one or two extraordinary wildlife photos.  We’re fortunate to see hundreds of these stunning images, but how on earth to choose what makes one image better than another?  It could be the light, the setting, an expression, the pose, or a combination which makes us look twice.  We’ll all have an opinion on what makes the best image but here are a few of our favourite wildlife photos.

Landscape wildlife photography


Two aardvark dance, captured by night camera trap. Image credit Will Burrard-Lucas

Two aardvark dance. Image credit Will Burrard-Lucas

How could we not choose this amazing wildlife photo by Will Burrard-Lucas?  Not only incredibly rare to see (Alice is the only person at Aardvark Safaris to have actually spotted one in the wild), but our namesake as well.  This also happens to be an extraordinary image.


Black and White Running Zebra, Image credit David Yarrow

Running zebra, Image credit David Yarrow

The zebra lends itself to black and white photography and David Yarrow has captured the power of this animal whilst also bringing to life the setting of a flat plain with the dust kicked up.

Butterfly and flower

Butterfly - macro photography Image credit Edward Selfe

Citrus Swallowtail Butterfly – macro photography Image credit Edward Selfe

African colours really come alive during the rains as captured by Edward Selfe in this stunning photograph.


Carmine bee keeper. Image credit: mid flight Donovan van Staden

Carmine bee keeper. Image credit: Donovan van Staden

These stunning birds, which migrate in their thousands to breed in southern Africa from mid-August, have the most exquisitely vibrant colours – captured beautifully in this photo by Donovan van Staden.


A buffalo's face close up black and white Image credit: Donovan van Staden

Beautiful symmetry Image credit: Donovan van Staden

The buffalo is an iconic African animal, and when in the large herds in which they’re often found, very inquisitive too. This image by Donovan van Staden captures both the power and the slightly quizzical look.


Yawning hippo, Image credit: David Rodgers

Yawning hippo, Image credit: David Rodgers

The hippo, another African icon, spends much of its day wallowing in shallow water.  The yawning which they tend to do in the morning and evening is to show off to other males their dominance and size.  Perfectly captured here, with a hammerkop in flight, by David Rogers.


Stamping elephant, Image credit Great Plains Conservation

Stamping elephant, Image credit Great Plains Conservation

Another giant of the African landscape, this elephant has been captured in a dramatic photograph by Great Plains Conservation displaying its strength and dominance.

Portrait wildlife photography


Leaping leopard jumping down from a tree midflight. Image credit Greg Toit

Leaping leopard. Image credit Greg Toit

Capturing this moment Greg du Toit has given us a rare glimpse into the athleticism of this beautiful cat.  A photo which makes you stop and take a second look with perfect light and sharp focus.


Silverback Gorilla by photographer Will Burrard-Lucas

Silverback gorilla. Image credit: Will Burrard-Lucas

Dappled by the sun coming through the forest canopy this magnificent silver back is beautifully lit and the power of the animal is easily transmitted through his expression and stance.  Another lovely photo capturing the character of an animal from Will Burrard-Lucas.


Male lion. Image credit: Patrick Bentley

Male lion. Image credit: Patrick Bentley

Patrick Bentley has perfectly captured the majesty and power of this beautiful male lion.  The black and white format seems to give the eyes a heightened intensity. The Aardvark Safaris team has lived and worked in Africa, and can help advise you on the hottest wildlife locations and times of year that the wildlife is in season for your wildlife photos. All you need to do is email us or call us and tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll do the rest, giving tips and advice, and then putting together a full detailed itinerary.

4 responses to “10 Best African Wildlife Photographs”

  1. Liz Cook says:

    Greg du Toit’s “Leaping Leopard” is by far the most impressive photograph.

  2. Deborah says:

    Greg du Toit always delivers true majesty. I love the way he captures action.

  3. Art says:

    Greg du Toit nailed it

  4. Super sande says:

    Wonderful picture of the aardvark. I was his guide I am so happy to see this picture.

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