How young is too young for safari?

March 18th 2019  |   Family Safaris, Kenya, Travel, Countries, Experiences  |  by   Roxy Cox
too young safari

‘They’ll never remember it’ were Dad’s parting words, as my husband and I set off for the airport. He was referring to my boys Jasper and Dudley who are four and one and who have just joined us on a trip to Kenya……

‘What’s the best age to take children on safari?’ is a question we’re often asked.   Realistically the answer is probably six plus, but it’s all down to personal choice.  I did my first safari aged six and taking my kids and seeing it all again through their eyes really was the most magical experience.  I have family living in Kenya too so this was part safari, part family catch up.

 Nairobi attractions

We spent the first few days in Nairobi, which was actually brilliant to catch up and acclimatise.

One of the highlights was visiting Dololo, our adopted elephant at the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.  The kids loved getting so close and Dololo lifting his trunk to us – with a particular fascination for Dudley , who was totally mesmerised – was extraordinary.   The baby rhino was just unbelievably sweet, too.  It’s a very special little place and hats off to the carers who each sleep at night with their elephant.

Meeting Dololo at the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

The Giraffe Centre was fun, with all of us feeding the giraffes.  When Jasper chickened out of putting a pellet in his mouth to be ‘kissed’ by a giraffe,  his uncle stepped up and we got the money-shot. As with the elephants, the boys were both in awe of these beautiful creatures.  We were staying with family but if we ever had the chance to stay at Giraffe Manor, just across the gardens from the Giraffe Centre, I would jump at it!’

Jasper wasn't keen but his uncler braved a 'giraffe kiss'

Jasper wasn’t keen but his uncle braved a ‘giraffe kiss’

Next was Nairobi National Park which was a very novel experience. Considering it’s in the middle of the city it’s great.  We barely saw another vehicle during our hunt for lion (that we didn’t find) but managed to spot buffalo a-plenty and several rhino.  We didn’t stay here but had we done so, Ololo Lodge would have been the ideal spot.   It was the perfect introduction to what was to come for my two.

Ololo Lodge view

Ololo Lodge view


Sosian was an absolute highpoint and exceeded all expectations on the wildlife front.  I’ve some immensely happy memories of the place and I’m so pleased we returned as we’ve some wonderful new memories with my boys.

The lodge itself is as charming as ever.  It’s beautifully set up; very welcoming with lots of spacious public areas, interesting books, a grand piano, billiards and card table in the games room. The pool area is absolutely perfect with a canopy for ‘shade bathing’ or loungers for the sun-worshippers.

Sosian Lodge

It doesn’t have a grand five star atmosphere, more a wonderfully inclusive, relaxed feel.   The staff were great with the children and took it in turns to keep Dudley entertained so we could linger over lunch – taking it in turns to kick a ball or take him paddling in the pool.

The tennis court is brilliant, although you do need to play early or late to avoid the heat and glare. There were murmurs about getting flood lights so you can play at night which would be another string to the Sosian bow that makes it so effortlessly charming.

We did a gentle bush walk – with Dudley in the back pack – looking at the birdlife, the trees, plants, the poo, and elephants and giraffe from a distance.  Jasper thoroughly enjoyed it and was keen to pocket elephant and giraffe poo as souvenirs.

Dudley and Jasper enjoying Sosian with their aunt and uncle

The bush was thriving and on game drives we saw elephant, two different lion prides, two leopard sightings in one evening, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, white-tailed mongoose, so many birds and a striped hyena.

With the boy’s supper sent out to meet us there was no rush to get back from sundowners.  One evening we were greeted by a fully stocked bar and fire pit, the second was spent by the dam where Jasper tried his hand fishing for tilapia.  Dudley was happy eating grit and staring at the hippos. It was very, very cool.

I am fully aware that Dudley won’t remember it, but I will never forget his little face peering out of the window seeing his first rhino in Nairobi National Park. He is a chatty little urchin and he was stunned into silence by this magnificent pair, and that was very special to see.

Dudley stunned into silence by rhino in Nairobi National Park

Similarly with the elephant, he was utterly mesmerised by them. Whoever’s lap he was sitting on during the game drives, he really took it all in.   Jasper, too, was captivated.   He has a keen interest in birds at home and that extended to Africa.  He loved identifying them in his bird book and was very particular about the binoculars he’d been given before the trip.

The children were fine with the early morning wake-ups, their eyes were wide open and their senses alive with all things Africa.  It was worth every single penny watching them soak it all up.

I honestly cannot recommend Sosian enough for families and for parents of small children.  To feel so at ease in the lodge (and on safari) was key in allowing us to relax and absorb the atmosphere, too.  It’s an adventure playground for all ages and our error was only staying for two nights this time.

We nipped across to Suyian where my cousin is working and wow, what a beautiful spot.  We enjoyed sundowners with expansive views across Laikipia and towards the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya in the distance.

Lovely views at Suyian Lodge, Scott Ramsay

After Suyian and camping on Lake Naivasha, we arrived at Deloraine.  This wonderful colonial house, full of mementos from its rich history is very close to my heart.  Hosted by my aunt, Cindy Voorspuy, it offers something a bit different to the traditional safari lodge.  We took beautiful morning rides to the mountain, through the forest and gully.  The horses are so well schooled and there’s a jumping field and polo ground for keen riders.

Lovely Deloraine

There are interesting bird walks around the estate, a large croquet lawn, there is swimming, tennis, games tables for a rainy day or after-dinner retreats, fine dining and day trips to the lakes.  Wherever you go, a cooler box and mini bar follow and the hosting, again, is attentive, but not invasive.

Pony rides at Deloraine

So, all in all, a most exceptional holiday. It is never too early to take your kids on safari, provided you chose the right place, and we most certainly did with Sosian.  Two weeks was perfect, it was enough time for the children to really appreciate the adventures they had been on and at the end Jasper couldn’t wait to share his experiences with family and friends at home.   Next time we go we will have to do the coast and hopefully the Masai Mara too, but spend a few more days at Sosian.

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  1. Freddie Menzies says:

    What a great article Roxy. Perfect!

  2. George Styles says:

    Very well written and has definitely given us some inspiration to take our five year old son Felix on the exact same trip.

  3. Jodie Brogden says:

    Love this!! Missing my fam xx

  4. Roddy Mair says:

    Very well written Roxy ! I didn’t go on my first safari until I was 14 but absolutely loved it and Africa was etched into me !
    Needless to say, the Offbeat experience was the best ! Xox

  5. Brenda Ross says:

    What a wonderful insight into Africa and safaris. Very well written, makes me want to come anyway even though I don’t have children small enough to take. Well done Roxy

  6. Susannah says:

    I think I managed five Aardvark riding holidays and a honeymoon. I also stayed at, and loved, Sosian. My little boy was 5 on 19 March. Hoping to do the 2020 Tokyo Olympics then I feel Africa calling in 2021!!!!

  7. Elaine Paterson says:

    Cost to stay at Saba Douglas Hamilton’s safari getaway for a 2 week all inclusive

  8. Jae Oliver says:

    Hi Saba
    Your program is fantastic
    I love elephants,
    How much is it to come and stay for a holiday and work along side save the elephants at your reserve
    I look forward to your reply
    Jae Oliver Birmingham UK

  9. Glenda Bowden says:

    We too love Africa and have family in Nairobi and have given our four children the same love for the country. My daughter now 38 is in Kenya at the moment and has gone with her husband and three children aged 6, 3 and 18 months – it was probably not totally relaxing but I can’t wait to hear the tales.

    We have visited Sosian and loved it and hope to return in October.

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