Best Wildlife Coffee Table Books

March 3rd 2016  |   Wildlife Safaris, Shop, Experiences, Miscellaneous  |  by   Richard Smith
Best Wildlife Coffee Table Books

A quick scan of the Aardvark Safaris’ bookshelf leads to a debate in the office as to the best photographic book on African wildlife and how many we should include in our recommendations for World Book Day 2016 on 3rd March.

We’ve come up with these classic books covering various areas of Africa, species of wildlife and styles of photography. Some are older while others are more recently published. In our opinion they’re all books that would grace any coffee table and be something people would enjoy looking through time and again.

The Selous in Africa – A Long Way From Anywhere, Robert J. Ross

The Selous in Africa Robert J Ross- Front cover giraffes feet in water 300 375

The Selous in Africa – A Long Way From Anywhere is a lavish 276-page visual exploration of the spectacular but little known Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve) in Tanzania. The Selous is Africa’s oldest and largest protected area.   400 beautiful photographs by Robert J. Ross, not only includes the large mega-fauna typically seen in a photographic book on African wildlife but also shows the fantastic and often overlooked small creatures as well as the landscapes that make an ecosystem whole.

Gorillas Living on the Edge, Andy Rouse


Gorillas Living on the Edge

Gorillas Living on the Edge gives a glimpse into the life of one of the planet’s most endangered animals – the mountain gorilla. For his book, Gorillas: Living on the Edge, wildlife photographer Andy Rouse travelled to the mist-covered Virunga Volcanoes in Rwanda to capture the daily activities of gorillas on camera.

Africa: Continent of Contrast, Philip Briggs


Africa Continent of Contrast

Africa: Continent of Contrasts describes and depicts the natural, cultural, architectural and historical wealth of the African continent, in particular the varied wildlife, geographical landmarks, scenery, indigenous people and many noteworthy aspects of local culture and ceremonies. The book is divided into four main regions: North, West, East and Southern Africa, offering detailed information and rich visual impressions of each.

Southern Africa’s Beautiful Deserts – The Big Picture, Heinrich Van Den Berg


Southern Africa’s Beautiful Deserts The Big Picture

Southern Africa’s Beautiful Deserts – The Big Picture, the second book in the Big Picture series, follows the Big Picture theme. It deals with the four desert biomes in southern Africa, namely the sand and rock desert or Namib, the Nama Karoo, the Succulent Karoo and also the Arid Savanna or Kalahari.

The Hunt, Alastair Fothergill and Huw Cordey


The Hunt book to accompany the BBC documentary

With over 240 breathtaking photographs and footage from the landmark BBC series, The Hunt captures the dramatic encounters of predator and prey in an entirely new light. Featuring the extraordinary strategies of a huge range of predators, from cheetahs and African wild dogs to killer whales and polar bears, these images and stories will revolutionise what you thought you knew about life in the wild.

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