Fanjove Island

Fanjove Island is currently closed for a major refurbishment.  Reopeninig planned for October 2022

Fanjove Island is a private tropical island located a short distance north of Mafia Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago. Access is by light aircraft and boat, giving the feel of being very remote.

Accomodation & Facilities
Fanjove Island has six ‘bandas’, or huts, which are A shaped to resemble the sail of a traditional dhow, and have tall thatched roofs to allow the breeze through. The bandas are well spaced out to allow great privacy, and have open air ensuite bathrooms, as well as an upstairs level with a viewing balcony. The lodge has a central building with a dining room and a bar, and there are plenty of comfortable chairs and sun loungers. The lodge is entirely solar powered.

The activities on offer include snorkelling, diving, excellent bird watching, fishing, and marine safaris.

Fanjove Island Camp Gallery click for large image