White sand beaches, crystal clear water, and lush mountains

Mauritius is an ideal place to enjoy some sophisticated comfort along with an African safari — it is also a popular destination for a beach holiday in its own right.

African and Asian racial groups and religions blend easily in Mauritius, overlaid with a Creole influence left over from the island’s colonial era. You’re just as likely to stumble across Hindu temples as Christian churches.

Despite a wealth of things to do and see, most visitors find the sweet temptations of the major coastal resorts – the spas, the golf courses, the restaurants, the swimming pools – quite enough to fill their time. Hotels here set the original standards of luxury the rest of the world now follows, and they continue evolving and refining the concept of tropical indulgence. Expect excellent facilities, outstanding cuisine, and an attention to detail that means your every whim is satisfied.

The attractions continue inland, with lush mountains, wonderful birdlife, incredible views, and stunning waterfalls. Spending a day or two away from the beach will give you a sense of the variety this island nation has to offer.

We Recommend…

A visit to the oldest racecourse in the Southern Hemisphere, the Champs de Mars, for a fun day out with the whole family.


Mauritius When to travel

Full Name
The Republic of Mauritius
1.3 million (UN, 2012)
Port Louis
2,040 sq km (788 sq miles)
Major Languages
English (official), Creole, French, Indian languages
Major religion
Hinduism, Christianity, Islam
Monetary Unit
1 Mauritian rupee=100 cents
Main Exports
Sugar, clothing, tea, jewellery
Flight time from London
12 hours
Time Difference
GMT + 4
Some of our Mauritius Highlights