‘The land of a thousand hills’

The growing population of mountain gorillas is the headline attraction in Rwanda, first made famous by Dian Fossey. It offers plenty of other delights, including an incredible number of bird species (over 700 recorded so far), protected primate communities of chimpanzee, colobus, and golden monkeys, savannah wildlife, and particularly vibrant cultural traditions.

Parc National des Volcans offers a wide range of activities, including hiking six peaks and visiting several habituated gorilla families, walking and bird watching. Enjoy the views from the canopy walk and hanging bridges of Nyungwe Forest National Park and admire the beauty of the forest below as well as tracking their two families of chimps. Spot rhino, elephant, lion and leopard in Akegera National Park, Rwanda’s answer to a traditional safari. Almost all visitors notice how well-kept Rwanda is, making it a real pleasure to visit.

We Recommend…

Spending time in Kigali, the capital. It offers some fantastic dining opportunities from street food to Michelin Star restaurants, not to mention the thriving coffee scene. Visitors can easily eat their way around the world here.


Rwanda When to travel

Full Name
Republic of Rwanda
11.2 million (UN, 2012)
26,338 sq km (10,169 sq miles)
Major Languages
Kinyarwanda (official), French (official), English (official), Swahili
Major religion
Christianity, indigenous beliefs
Monetary Unit
1 Rwandan franc = 100 centimes
Main Exports
Coffee, tea, hides, tin ore
Flight time from London
8 hours to Nairobi, 1.25 hr connection to Kigali
Time Difference
GMT + 2
Some of our Rwanda Highlights