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February 29th 2024  |   Drumbeat Newsletter, Miscellaneous  |  by   Katy Duncan

Inside this issue of Drumbeat, Spring 2024 We share some of the teams travels and look forward to a big year ahead as we celebrate our 25th birthday. In this issue of Drumbeat we cover the following stories: Discover the raw and untouched wilderness of Southern Tanzania with Jo Explore ... Read more

February 20th 2024  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Emily Tetley

The best safari camps are those which have been designed in harmony with nature. Although wildlife drives are a fantastic way to experience the richness of African wildlife, there is something very special about relaxing in the comfort of the camp and seeing what wildlife comes to you, and it’s ... Read more

February 12th 2024  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Emily Tetley

Africa’s Great Wildebeest Migration is one of the world’s longest and most extensive feats of wildlife endurance and probably the best known. However, let’s not forget the lesser-known migrations from the fabulously flamboyant carmine bee-eaters to the colossal southern right whale. Africa’s animal migrations, the big and the small, offer ... Read more

February 2nd 2024  |   Wildlife Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Lucinda Crawford

When most avid safari-goers envisage their African adventure, it is unlikely that the animals they imagine seeing are the nocturnal creatures that emerge at dusk. However, this shouldn’t detract from their amazing survival ability in the bush at night, especially as this is when the most powerful predators are on ... Read more

January 26th 2024  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Jo Ainscough

Make this a year to remember This 17-day ultimate safari and beach holiday itinerary combines the best safari and beach destinations with beautiful upmarket camps and lodges that will blow your mind. Soak up the buzz and vibrancy of Cape Town, explore the water channels of the Okavango Delta by ... Read more

January 16th 2024  |   Community Safaris, Countries, Conservation Safaris, Experiences, Miscellaneous, Wildlife Safaris, Rwanda  |  by   Richard Smith

A round up of Gorilla Trekking FAQ's in Rwanda Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is extremely easy going for safari beginners, you can accomplish it in a long weekend. Our clients have gorilla trekked on honeymoon, as a graduation holiday, an add on to a classic family safari, a long weekend ... Read more

January 16th 2024  |   Countries, Conservation Safaris, Experiences, Miscellaneous, Wildlife Safaris, Rwanda  |  by   Richard Smith

Everyone loves mountain gorillas. They live in a landscape akin to Eden, along the Western, or Albertine Rift, in one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions. In this haven of rainforest endemism the most celebrated wild mammal is the iconic mountain gorilla of the Virunga Massif. Spending half of the day ... Read more

January 8th 2024  |   Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, Countries, Experiences, Tanzania  |  by   Francis Naumann

There are few other thrills as great as that experienced when standing on Africa’s highest point, the 5,895m Uhuru Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Many people love the idea of taking on this iconic challenge and, with the right team alongside you, it’s possible to do it in greater comfort than ... Read more

January 8th 2024  |   Travel, Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, Experiences, Miscellaneous, Unique Experiences  |  by   Francis Naumann

The latest at Aardvark to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is Francis.  It is the second time he's reached the summit of Africa's highest mountain and this trip was a VIP Lemosho route trek led by mountaineering experts Summits Africa.  Some people undertake the climb to prove they could conquer Africa's highest ... Read more

January 8th 2024  |   Travel, Mount Kilimanjaro Climb, Countries, Experiences, Miscellaneous, Unique Experiences, Tanzania  |  by   Alice Gully

You don’t have to be a mountain goat to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  With the right planning and a bit of training, the summit of the world’s tallest free standing mountain is entirely accessible to anyone.  We share our 5 top tips for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: Go with a reputable company ... Read more