Botswana is go!

October 8th 2021  |   Botswana, Wildlife Safaris, Countries, Experiences  |  by   Alice Gully
Botswana is go!

A short break
A few nights immersed in the Okavango Delta at a camp like Gomoti Plains, or for riders, at African Horseback Safaris, will leave you enriched and refreshed. One of the world’s largest inland water systems, the Okavango Delta fans out across the dry desert sands in a beautiful maze of waterways and lagoons, creating a lush wetland wilderness home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The main focus here is on wildlife drives, mokoro (canoe) and boating safaris. With so much wildlife on the doorstep, and the variety of ways to view it, you will come away feeling you have been away for much longer than a few days.

Gomoti Plains Camp

Perfect water front setting at Gomoti Plains Camp

One week
Combine time exploring the watery oasis of the Okavango Delta from a camp such as Khwai Leadwood, where you can spot a wide range of wildlife from a vehicle and while floating through the channels in a mokoro, with the other worldly Makgadikgadi Pans. From November to April, seasonal rains turn this desert green, sparking Africa’s second-largest migration with the arrival of huge herds springbok, gemsbok, giraffe, zebra and wildebeest in search of fresh grazing. In June and July, the region reverts to its traditional norms and the landscape turns to gold: only the most hardy, desert-adapted species remain. These include the rare brown hyena and habituated meerkats, which will use you as a lookout post given half a chance! Jack’s Camp is ideally placed to enjoy all this area has to offer.

Botswana is go

Exploring the magnificent Makgadikgadi Pans from Jack’s Camp

Two weeks
The variation of Botswana’s landscape and habitat is marked, and combining different areas on a longer trip is a wonderful opportunity to get under the skin of this beautiful country.   Enjoy the lush waterways and swamps of the world famous Okavango Delta at Duba Explorers and Kwara Camp before heading to the savannah grasslands and woodlands in Linyanti, an area particularly well known for its wild dog and large groups of elephant, where Linyanti Ebony Camp would be the perfect base.  To start or finish your holiday in the Makgadikgadi pans at San Camp would be the perfect contrast.

Botswana is go

Superb wildlife viewing at Linyanti Ebony Camp

What next?
We would be delighted to help you plan a dream safari in Botswana. Our team of experts has travelled widely throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean and can offer expert advice on every type of safari from family and beach holidays to riding and primate safaris. Do get in touch – chatting to people by phone or email is what we do best. We listen, we explain, we answer all sorts of questions even those you didn’t know to ask, and finally we make suggestions. If this is your first time to Africa or your twenty first, we have a team standing by to help make the planning easy and the journey the best ever. Please get in touch whatever stage you’re at.

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