The Seychelles: A beach lover’s paradise

October 13th 2023  |   Beach, Unique Experiences, Seychelles  |  by   Katy Duncan
The Seychelles: A beach lover’s paradise

Seychelles is more than a hundred islands liberally sprinkled across thousands of square miles of the Indian Ocean a little way south of the Equator, a thousand miles from anywhere, a lush wilderness of pristine palm-fringed beaches and unspoiled coral reefs. If you’re searching for a holiday detached from the rest of the world in an unspoilt paradise, this is a superb choice. More than half the land mass is protected or in national parks, and scuba diving and snorkelling are world-class.

The rich marine life found in the Seychelles Outer Islands is a haven for water lovers. The white sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea provide exceptional scuba diving and snorkelling, and world-renowned fly-fishing.

Astove Atoll Blue Safaris Seychelles

Blue Safari Seychelles pioneers a new style of experiential travel while actively conserving this pristine region. Of the 72 islands and atolls that form the remote outer islands, they have selected the most enchanting as their base.

Alphonse Island

Famous for its saltwater fly fishing, Alphonse Island is a premier destination for anglers looking to catch species like bonefish, giant trevally, and milkfish on the flats and surrounding waters. The island features a single lodge with 22 beach bungalows, five one-bedroom beach villas, and two four-bedroom beach villas built along the water’s edge, all with lovely ocean views.

Alphonse Island Lodge Seychelles

Alphonse Island Lodge, Seychelles

Astove Atoll

Home to one of the best dive sites on this planet, the “Wall” is a breathtakingly beautiful sheer drop and is best described as looking down into an underwater Grand Canyon. The reef starts on the flat and then plunges sharply from ankle-deep water to more than 1,000 metres below. This unique lagoon system is home to countless seabirds as well as the Caspian tern, dimorphic egret, and red-tailed tropic bird and a population of over 150 giant Aldabra tortoises. Stay at the six bedroom Astove Coral House in one of the most remote locations in the world.

The Wall - Astove Diving Seychelles

The “Wall” Astove diving, Seychelles

Cosmoledo Atoll

The habitat is diverse, with a large white sand lagoon surrounded by islands and inlet, mangroves and grasslands attracting an array of birdlife. An important nesting site for seabirds, birdwatchers can spot various species, including frigatebirds, boobies, and terns. Cosmoledo Eco Camp consists of eight double/twin en suite eco pods with a central communal dining area with bare sand floors, the ultimate in barefoot luxury.

Aldabara Giant Tortoise

Aldabara Giant Tortoise, Astove Seychelles

This 12 day itinerary offers the perfect combination of beach relaxation and marine exploration in one of the most remote and natural corners of the world.

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