Sunny days and breezy nights

With over 1,000 spectacular coral islands sprinkled across 90,000 square kilometres of the sparkling Indian Ocean, it’s no surprise the Maldives is one of the world’s ultimate beach destinations.

The self-contained island resorts offer guests a glorious getaway from day-to-day life with a perfect mix of sunny days and breezy nights. Calm seas and colourful coral reefs provide superb snorkelling and scuba diving, while powder white sands offer an exquisite perch from which to simply relax and absorb the dazzling beauty.

The enchanting island resorts offer a range of accommodation from family-friendly options to sophisticated romantic luxury. There are stunning over-water villas, fabulous restaurants, and spas to soothe and pamper. For sun, sea, and sand, it’s up there with the best, and for those looking to chase the waves the surfing is spectacular. Hire a liveaboard boat for the ultimate marine adventure.

We Recommend…

Makunudu Island, described as the ‘hidden gem of the Maldives’, it is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with an array of tropical birds, a vast expanse of turquoise water while unaffected by light pollution for mesmerising star-gazing. The island has a far-flung desert island appeal.


Maldives when to travel

Full Name
Republic of Maldives
341,356 (2014 census)
298 sq km (115 sq mi)
Major Languages
Maldivian (Dhivehi)
Major religion
Monetary Unit
Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR)
Main Exports
Tourism, fishing
Flight time from London
10 hours
Time Difference
GMT +5
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