Namibia Horse Safari Company

The Namibia Horse Safari Company offers riders the chance to explore some of the most remote and beautiful regions of Namibia from the vantage point of a horse. Namibia is a vast and beautiful country, home to striking scenery with arid deserts and rugged mountains, and a place where riders can enjoy being truly off the beaten track for days on end.

The Namibia Horse Safari Company has a herd of over 50 horses, comprising of a variety of breeds including Boerperd, Arabs and Thoroughbred crosses. The horses range in size between 14.2 – 16.0hh and all are immensely fit, hardy and sure footed. The riding here is fast paced and guests may gallop for extended periods of time over the smooth desert floors; riders should be fit for this ride. The Namibia Horse Safari Company offer mobile safaris through the Namib Desert, along the Fish River Canyon, and exploring the Damaraland region. These are mobile safaris and guests enjoy sleeping out under the enormous Namibian skies, eating around a camp fire and spending long days in the saddle. These rides are amongst the most challenging in the world, and they are immensely rewarding.

Accommodation & Facilities
Accommodation on these rides varies from comfortable lodges to a bed roll under the stars, and depending on which ride you do and the stage of the itinerary, the accommodation could be a comfortable lodge one night and dome tents the next. Part of the excitement of riding here is not knowing where you are going to be staying each night, and there are some truly magical camping sites.

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