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July 13th 2014  |   Botswana, Countries  |  by   James Eacott

My recent trip to Botswana took me through the whole range of accommodation styles, activities and wildlife on offer in this safari wonderland. I could write pages on the whole experience but in the end decided the best way to break it down to manageable chunks was to look at ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Kenya, Countries, South Africa, Zambia  |  by   Lucinda Rome

Imagine having your own house on safari – a real home away from home with spectacular views over the surrounding landscape and wildlife. The idea’s not as far-fetched as it might sound. There is an array of options on offer, whether you want to safari in Kenya, Zambia, Namibia or ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Countries, Mozambique  |  by   Victoria Langmead

We all appreciate the incredible places we get to see in the course of researching the countries and properties we recommend here at Aardvark, but this extract from Victoria’s Mozambique trip report was a particular highlight. ‘I had finished my second dive of the day. It was late afternoon, the sun was ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Family Safaris, Malawi, Countries, Experiences, Zambia  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

We hadn't been to Africa since a wonderful holiday to Kenya nearly five years ago. So when an idle conversation with family friends turned into a firm plan to visit again I was charged with finding an itinerary that would suit all of us. Including new activities for those who'd ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Family Safaris, Kenya, Countries, Experiences  |  by   John Spence

In February this year, on a wonderful family safari in Kenya, we celebrated my son Jack’s 9th birthday, our 10th wedding anniversary and my 40th birthday. For someone who has been in the travel business for 20 years I am very bad at planning our family holidays, and we’ve had ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Wildlife Safaris, Countries, Experiences, Rwanda, Uganda  |  by   Tracy Stevens

From the majestic silverbacks to the absurdly cuddly and impish juveniles, I have had a lifelong love affair with all things gorilla. When Aardvark suggested that I spend two weeks in Uganda and Rwanda, I was ecstatic if a little worried about tales of high altitude slogs. Several weeks of ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Countries, Namibia  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Namibia flying safari Charlotte Opperman finds a fly-in safari offers more than just a new perspective on Namibia’s dramatic desert landscapes. Hosted by Namibia’s Schoeman family, she finds herself discovering a whole new world that vehicles just can’t reach. A series of adventures packed into a few short days leave ... Read more

July 12th 2014  |   Countries, Unique Experiences, Miscellaneous, Tanzania  |  by   Sarah Durie

Having just returned from a fascinating trip to Tanzania, I am surprised how little is known about the southern area of the mainland and a couple of the smaller outlying islands in the Zanzibar archipelago. Tanzania is best known for the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro National Parks, and Zanzibar. Well managed and ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |   Countries, Uganda  |  by   Victoria Langmead

I’m fortunate to travel widely in order to keep my Africa knowledge up to date. It’s always exciting, but even more so to visit a country I’ve not spent time in before. From the minute I landed for a Uganda safari I knew I was in for a treat. Uganda ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |   Countries, Tanzania, Zanzibar and islands  |  by   Francis Naumann

She is no longer a baby at nearly five years old, but she certainly loves the bush and the beach. My wife Liz and I took Jemima (said five year old) to Zanzibar and Tanzania in February for a combined holiday and work trip. We stayed in some wonderful places, ... Read more