Emily Tetley

Emily at the sea

Emily has been a nature enthusiast from a young age, getting her first pair of binoculars at age 11 for her bird-watching passion at the time. She is a huge animal lover and has had a range of beloved pets since childhood – the current being a very excitable Labrador called Puffin. She is excited about her first experience of seeing them in the wild and would love more than anything to see a baby elephant.

Studying French and Italian at the University of Leeds gave Emily the opportunity to spend time in Italy. She completed a year abroad in Padova, during which time she visited all the mainland’s major cities and learned about each region’s cultures. After graduating, she was eager to get back out into the world and live life in a new location. She went to teach English to Italian children in Sardinia for a year. This allowed her to explore the region, learn about its unique and fascinating culture and encourage her curiosity for experiencing new places and travel. While the teaching part was a challenge, she enjoyed sharing her knowledge of her country and recommending places to visit to her students. Therefore, she was thrilled to come across Aardvark Safaris which could combine her passion for travel with her desire to help people have an unforgettable holiday.

In her free time at home, she loves reading, baking and getting matcha lattes, whereas any holiday time is spent travelling with friends.