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April 25th 2022  |   Family Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Alice Gully

We recently spotted a journalist writing that he wouldn't recommend a safari holiday for children under ten.  Given that we have over 22 years' experience organising family holidays here at Aardvark Safaris, that's a statement we would heartily dispute.  Safaris have rightfully earned their place as wonderful family holidays and ... Read more

March 31st 2022  |   Family Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

It wasn't very many years ago that safari camps only catered for adults, and children under 12 years old simply weren’t allowed. Then, around the turn of the century, came Jaci’s Safari Lodge and Ant’s Nest, both in South Africa. Children were actively encouraged at these camps, with safari activities ... Read more

February 27th 2022  |   Family Safaris, Travel, Tanzania  |  by   Richard Smith
Mkombe’s House, Serengeti

Tanzania, just like neighbouring Kenya, is a great spot for a family safari holiday.  There is a lovely choice of small camps and private houses; the latter are perfect for families as mealtimes and activities are completely flexible and they generally come with at least one private guide and vehicle. ... Read more

February 5th 2022  |   Family Safaris, Travel  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Travelling with children can be fun, but can also be stressful. We have planned countless family safari and beach holidays. We share our tips for making sure everyone has a relaxing holiday. Opt for a pool The traditional safari day means you’ll likely have some down time during the day.  ... Read more

December 8th 2021  |   Family Safaris, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia  |  by   Richard Smith

We all know teenagers can be difficult: they operate on a different time zone to other humans, have the attention span of a gnat and really only like hanging out with other teens—much less Mum and Dad. So is it mad to plan a safari holiday with teenagers? Absolutely not! ... Read more

December 2nd 2021  |   Family Safaris, Wildlife Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Richard Smith

Not all safari tour operators are the same. You want to find one with a reputation for planning excellent family safari holidays. Newspaper editorial, Google, and recommendations from friends will likely give you an idea of who is planning African holidays for families and more importantly who is doing it ... Read more

November 25th 2021  |   Family Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Safari works on so many levels as a celebratory holiday and is a wonderful choice as a last hurrah before children flee the nest. So well in fact, that my own children – who at 26 and 27 are well past the nest fleeing stage - will still drop everything ... Read more

November 22nd 2021  |   Family Safaris, Travel, Community Safaris  |  by   Richard Smith

So you travelled long haul pre-children and maybe even backpacked somewhere adventurous. But since the little ones came along you’ve graduated from Center-Parcs to Mark Warner, and now you're ready for more. Can a family safari really be a sensible ambition? And if it is, why is it so good? ... Read more

November 6th 2021  |   Family Safaris  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Heading off as a family in the summer and at Christmas is obvious, but there are plenty of other school holidays to use for a safari, and lots of places with great wildlife and weather to use them.  Here are some great family holiday ideas you've probably never thought of: ... Read more

October 28th 2021  |   Family Safaris  |  by   Richard Smith

Back in 2000, soon after we started, the Aardvark Safaris’ team had nine children between the five of us. It was natural therefore for us to want to know the best countries and lodges for family safaris. Since then we’ve travelled many times ourselves, and planned many more family holidays ... Read more