One country safari – Kenya

November 2nd 2020  |   Family Safaris, Riding Safaris, Kenya, Wildlife Safaris, Countries, Experiences  |  by   Becky Thomson
One country safari – Kenya

Astonishing wildlife mixed with a wealth of activities warrants Kenya’s reputation as one of Africa’s most prized destinations. A safari here offers a quintessential ‘Out of Africa’ experience to delight veteran safari-goers and new travellers alike. There’s no question that Kenya is a knockout safari country, and best of all you don’t have to cross any country borders to enjoy a superb trip.  Here are our one country safari in Kenya highlights:

Magical Masai Mara
Although famous for one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles when millions of wildebeest flood the sweeping plains between July and September, dicing with death as they make their dramatic river crossings, wildlife viewing in the Mara is superb year round. Ask us about the private conservancies surrounding the main reserve that offer an exclusive experience in this astonishing eco-system.

The wildebeest migration in full swing near Mara Plains Camp

Thrill Seekers
Kenya offers a multitude of thrilling activities for the adventurous: Some of the more remote and isolated parts can be explored on a camel supported walking safari. Many lodges offer a night or two fly camping beneath a galaxy of stars which never fails to thrill. Or, for the ultimate adrenaline fix take a private helicopter journey to Lake Turkana, visited by few and blessed with dramatic landscapes and fascinating culture.

Ol Malo helicopter, Laikipia

There’s plenty for thrill seekers to enjoy including helicopter excursions from Ol Malo

A Family Treat
Kenya’s specialist guides have a superb record when it comes to captivating family members of all ages. The mix of wildlife and culture, along with some wonderful family tents and private safari houses, makes it a great family safari destination. Miles from the distractions of everyday life, children can really kick back. Tubing down rivers, swimming in waterfalls, learning Masai customs, and tracking lion and elephant will keep them entertained for days.

House in the Wild, family safari, Kenya

House in the Wild is one of many great spots in Kenya for a family safari

Gallop With Wildebeest
Perhaps the most exciting way to safari is on horseback. There is nothing more thrilling than riding close to elephant and lion, cantering alongside giraffe or galloping amongst the great wildebeest herds. The Masai Mara plains and the rugged landscape of Laikipia provide the perfect backdrop for a riding safari. With multi-day mobile safaris for experienced riders and hacking out from lodges for beginners there are options to suit all abilities.

Exhilarating riding safaris with Offbeat Riding Safaris

Secret Kenya
Step off the well-trodden path in Meru National Park or the Chyulu Hills and you’ll enjoy a couple of hidden gems. Pretty Meru has very few safari camps so exclusivity is guaranteed and it’s a rewarding on the wildlife front with the ‘Big 5’ mingling with the rarer species like Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and lesser kudu. Without the headline wildlife of some if its neighbours, the Chyulu Hills can be overlooked – which is a great pity as this gorgeous range of heavily-forested volcanic peaks between Amboseli and Tsavo National Park is just beautiful. It’s a pristine wilderness with spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro to be explored on foot, on horseback, by bike and by vehicle.

Elephants close to Ol Donyo Lodge in the Chyulu Hills

Dazzling Diani
Twin your safari with a beach stay on the beautiful Kenyan coast. Diani, just south of Mombasa, is home to dazzling coral reefs and pristine white sandy beaches that you can have to yourself if you know where to look. Try sailing, fishing, kite surfing or paddle boarding from a number of luxurious hotels dotted along the coastline.

WaterLovers sunbeds

Dazzling white sands at WaterLovers Beach Resort

What Next?

Our experts have explored Kenya from its northern border through to the plains of the Masai Mara. Let us know if you would like itinerary ideas for a knockout, one country safari in Kenya include any of the activities and regions above and we’ll put something together for you. Give us a call, or drop us an email and  we’ll respond as quickly as we can – usually on the same day.  We very much look forward to talking to you.

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