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August 25th 2017  |   Conservation Safaris, Kenya, Interviews, Wildlife Safaris, Countries, Unique Experiences, Experiences, Miscellaneous  |  by   Richard Smith
Conservationist and guide Saba Douglas-Hamilton with an African elephant behind

Saba Douglas-Hamilton is both a well respected conservationist and charismatic safari camp owner.  In fact she’s among our favourite people to work with at Aardvark Safaris.   An excellent guide too, Saba knows the local Samburu wildlife, particularly its elephants, intimately.  In advance of her forthcoming tour we have picked out our most popular ‘Saba blogs’.   Read on below to find out what it’s like to be guided  by Saba, to stay at her Elephant Watch Camp in Kenya, some of the background to the BBC’s This Wild Life documentary and her UK theatre speaking tour, A Life with Elephants.

Saba introducing her ‘A Life with Elephants’ talk in UK theatres in November, filmed at Elephant Watch Camp.

Saba Douglas-Hamilton -elephant guide with binoculars and elephants in the background

Luxury Safari at Elephant Watch Camp guided by Saba Douglas-Hamilton

Spend four nights at Elephant Watch Camp with Saba Douglas-Hamilton, acclaimed elephant conservationist and wildlife TV presenter of This Wild Life and Big Cat Diaries, as your safari guide and host.  This bespoke itinerary includes an exclusive afternoon with researchers from Save The Elephants, a private helicopter tour over the Mathews Range and Ol Lokowe – the sacred Samburu mountain – and a visit to the famous David Sheldrick Wild Life Trust elephant orphanage in Nairobi.

Elephant Watch Camp elephant safari, Samburu Kenya

Safari at Elephant Watch Camp, Samburu, Kenya

Four night luxury safari at Elephant Watch Camp.  Safari with the Samburu wild elephant herd as well as all kinds of other wildlife including lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, jackal, gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra and reticulated giraffe.  Visit Save The Elephants research centre, and a local Samburu village, plus the option to visit the famous David Sheldrick Wild Life Trust elephant orphanage in Nairobi.

Elephant_Watch Camp staff and Saba's family filming BBC's This Wild Life documentary

Questions and Answers with Saba on the BBC This Wild Life documentary

Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton, together with her husband Frank and their three young children, move to the romantic Samburu National Reserve in Kenya to run a safari camp for the first time. We ask Saba what it’s like to run a high-end safari camp in a remote location, with elephant bulls hustling for seedpods by the kitchen, wounded crocodiles that need rescuing, and a host of other fantastic animal characters.

Saba Douglas Hamilton Theatre Tour A life with Elephants - Jo Sarsby Management Presents

Saba Douglas-Hamilton’s UK Theatre Tour Dates ‘A Life with Elephants’ – November 2017

Saba Douglas-Hamilton rose to fame as an elephant conservationist and TV presenter on the BBC series This Wild Life and Big Cat Diaries. She is undertaking a UK tour criss-crossing England throughout November, offering theatre-goers an evening of wildlife stories, as well as a behind the scenes look at her family’s life in a remote safari camp.

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