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January 19th 2018  |   Botswana, Kenya, Travel, Countries, South Africa, Zambia  |  by   Francis Naumann
Mobile safaris - camp lit up with lanterns

When Africa’s wildlife first became of interest to the outside world, the only way to see it was to load wagons with the supplies and equipment needed to sustain you for several weeks and set off into the bush on a long expedition. There are many more convenient and comfortable ways to visit Africa now, but the allure of that original style of experience is still strong.

Mobile safari, Singata Explore, Grumeti, Tanzania

Mobile safari, Singita Explore, Grumeti, Tanzania

Mobile safaris take many forms, from riding and canoeing, to walking and vehicle-based, all offering an excellent way to explore a particular area, to enjoy a specific activity, or just to have your own private space in the bush.

Sleep out, Uncharted Africa, Botswana

Sleep out, Uncharted Africa, Botswana

Botswana has fabulous wildlife and a huge expanse of pristine wilderness across its northern region, and this is a good area for a mobile. Even on days when you move camp you don’t leave the bush, and you’ll see wildlife all day. It could be a shared safari, ideal for anyone with a less generous budget, or a private safari extending for a week or more. There are styles of camp to suit many different wishes, from very simple to magnificent luxury, but all allow guests to immerse themselves in Africa.

Kenya’s Masai Mara is one of Africa’s best wildlife habitats, and thanks to the open grasslands it’s also excellent horse country. A mobile safari across the Mara is one of life’s greatest thrills, riding fast through herds of wildebeest and zebra, sitting quietly in the company of elephants and giraffe, and enjoying the hospitality of your own camp each night is simply magical.  Other regions in Kenya lend themselves to walking safaris and one of our favourites is a camel supported trek where adventure and an old fashioned approach allows visitors to experience the country in vivid and exciting detail.

Riding safari, Ol Donyo Lodge, Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Riding safari, Ol Donyo Lodge, Chyulu Hills, Kenya

The Zambezi River valley is a place of great beauty and prolific wildlife. One of the best, and most exhilarating, ways to explore this incredibly wild place is by canoe, drifting slowly downstream, watching elephant, hippo, buffalo, lion and myriad bird life.  You camp onshore each night with meals cooked over a campfire really adding to the sense of adventure and ‘away from it all’.  Mobile walking safaris are another highlight of the region and a wonderful choice for those who want to be totally immersed in the bush.

Zambezi Lifestyles, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Zambezi Expeditions, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Namibia’s spectacular scenery and ‘hardest to reach’ landscapes in Africa, is perfect for mobile flying and riding safaris.  But it’s also a fabulous place to explore on foot when the far from deserted desert comes alive with barking geckos, dancing spiders, goggle-eyed chameleons and fog basking beetles among a clutch of other extraordinary creatures.

If you’re after inspiration here’s a selection of our top picks.

Classic tented mobile safari – Letaka Safaris: amazing guides, set departures and private mobile safaris in Botswana’s best wildlife areas.

Letaka Safaris, Botswana

Letaka Safaris, Botswana

East African walking safari – Karisia Walking Safaris:  camel supported mobiles designed exclusively so will accommodate any fitness or specific interest.

Zambian walking safari – Robin Pope or Norman Carr Safaris:  two of Africa’s finest safari operators, walk lodge to lodge or camp in the bush for an adventure second-to-none

All singing all dancing luxury – Uncharted Africa:  A tailor made adventure with unexpected extras.  Private camps, private guides, private vehicles – choose from the Okavango Delta or Central Kalahari

Desert delight – Tok Tokkie trails:  Leisurely expedition through the awesome beauty of the dunes and mountains of the Namib desert.

Canoe – Ruwesi Canoe Trail/Mana Shoreline canoe:  Escape the normal world and experience wildlife at close quarters with either of these Zimbabwe canoe safaris

Riding – Safaris Unlimited:  Forty-five years’ experience leading incredible rides in Kenya’s wilderness.

Semi-mobile – Tanda Tula Field Camp:  In South Africa’s Timbavati Private Game Reserve moves seasonally, according to seasons and wildlife densities. Exclusive-use, wonderful walking, but where other activities can be arranged on a whim.

Tanda Tula Field Camp, Timbavati Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Tanda Tula Field Camp, Timbavati Private Game Reserve, South Africa

What next?

We would be delighted to help you plan a holiday, or answer any questions about mobile safaris. Our team of experts have travelled widely throughout Africa. They can offer expert advice on every type of safari from family and beach holidays to riding and primate safaris.  If you would like to talk to someone who has been there and done it, please just send us an email or give us a call.

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  1. Billy says:

    Hello Aardvark safaris,
    I’m going to tell you what I would like and hopefully you can organise it for me.
    I would like to do a safaris for one week. Tag onto a small group of other like minded people, It needs to be a mobile one that moves from place to place every day and sleep in tents. I would like to see Elephants, big and small cats, hyenas, giraffes, zebras, wild dogs, basically everything. The Okavango delta, Linyant, and chobe look so good, but I would be very happy for you to direct me on this, as there are so many amazing places I’ve seen on YouTube.

    I will be on my own, I’m 58, pretty mobile, this is the 3rd thing on my bucket list.

    My friend put me in contact with Annelise at Drumbeat, she has suggested that I contact you guys. Im happy for you to throw a few different safaris at me and let me choose, or just one, that you think would be right for me.

    I would like you to organise everything for me, flights and all transfers from the airport and to the camps, all drinks, food, whilst safariing.

    I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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